popups in PC advisor site

  awest3 12:35 30 Jun 2008

Anyone got an idea why I get pop-ups on the PC Advisor sit? Only ever happens on this site..Popups are blocked on all else by software I have.


  Forum Member2 13:01 30 Jun 2008

email the FE

  birdface 13:38 30 Jun 2008

Maybe updating your Host file may help.

  birdface 13:40 30 Jun 2008

click here have a read.

  sinbads 13:56 30 Jun 2008

quero works a treat turn it on and off when you like click here

  awest3 19:01 01 Jul 2008

Thanks for your replies. I've e-mailed the forum editor and am looking through the other suggestions.


  bjh 19:13 01 Jul 2008

I doubt the Forum Editor will be keen to advise you how to block the pop-ups, as they are what would pay his wage if he only got one!

Remember, it's these ads that pay for this forum. Some ads are so hideous and obtrusive I, too, would rush out for a blocker. However, the occasional click will keep the website up and running, and allow the FE to replace his Aston Martin with a Bugatti Veyron all the sooner!

Anyway, don't always block ALL ads! Keep those 1/100ths of a penny rolling in!

  grey george 19:30 01 Jul 2008

Are these the ones activated when you pass your cursor over the green highlighted words?

  awest3 08:16 02 Jul 2008

HI Guys,

I'd not tested the 'green highlghted words' but yes they seems to be the ones..something called vibrant pops up with adverts...not necessarily related to the 'green word'. As I tend to go quite quickly across the screen I'd not noticed that I was passing over the 'green words'.

so problem solved...

Thanks again


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