simon-238946 12:58 21 Apr 2003

can anyone recommened a programme to stop the annoying popups that we all seem to get more and more often

  MAJ 13:05 21 Apr 2003

It depends on which popups they are, sideboard. If they're "ordinary" popups, PopUp Stopper from click here should do the trick. If they're Messenger Service popups, you'll have to disable the Messenger Service, instructions for your OS (which you haven't stated) can be seen if you click here

  muppetmark 13:06 21 Apr 2003

If you mean the windows messenger popups then take a look click here or for normal advertising popups try any one of the free popup stoppers click here

  Jeff Ross 17:45 24 Apr 2003

To stop normal pop-up ads spawned by web pages, I suggest using a modern full-feature web browser such as...

Opera: click here

Mozilla: click here

Firebird: click here

Netscape: click here

Camino: click here

Safari: click here

These have the facility to selectively block pop-up ads and are hugely more secure than Microsoft's Internet Explorer. With Opera, for example, this is selected from the File > Quick Preferences menu as shown under 'Quick Preferences Menu':
click here

There are some 'pop-up stopper' programs which can be used in conjunction with Internet Explorer. However, running an additional program just to plug one of Internet Explorer's many missing features is rather inefficient (and does nothing to improve Internet Explorer's poor security). Almost every other browser can stop popups by selectively preventing the JavaScript action from being run in the first place.

If you are using Internet Explorer on Windows pop-ups may also be spawned by adware that has been surreptitiously installed on your system.

  Jeff Ross 17:47 24 Apr 2003

For instructions on how to disable this, see 'New spam arrives even when you're not using e-mail. Here's how to stop this 'Messenger Service' spam in Windows':
click here

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