Deekio 22:57 15 Oct 2009

Can anyone tell me what this is and how to get rid of it, it keeps popping up on a friends computer.

  MAT ALAN 23:15 15 Oct 2009

.bmp is an image file format used to store bitmap digital images

follow the file path and delete what you find...

  Deekio 23:33 15 Oct 2009

Sorry Mat Alan, not explained myself properly
the image is a photograph that I took of her
screen when it came up, It converted to bitmap when I posted it on here, it pops up all over the screen
no matter what application she is using, how do we
get rid. Thanks.

  lotvic 23:47 15 Oct 2009

If you want us to see the screenshot of her popup you will have to convert the .bmp to a .jpg picture (open it and click on 'Save As' then choose .jpg) then you will have to put on image shack.com or some other site that hosts pictures then you will have to post on here the url link to the picture.

Or you could just describe the popup and tell us what it says.

  Deekio 00:04 16 Oct 2009

Sorry did'nt realise you could not view the
screenshot, here as jpeg :-file:///C:/Users/Colin/Desktop/Screen%202.jpg
In case that does not work, it is divided into 4 quarters and as far as I can remember top right
quarter say's something about twitter, another
about google search.Thanks.

  lotvic 00:27 16 Oct 2009

We cannot view pictures that are on your own pc, that is why your 'link' does not work.

Perhaps it would be better if you open the picture and look at it and then describe it in more detail.

Does your friend have google search bar installed / and or a Twitter a/c?

  Deekio 00:34 16 Oct 2009

Will have to check in the morning.
Thanks for being patient.
PS. Tried all ways with imageshack could't get
to grips with it in the time, going to work now.

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