Populate Excel worksheets with data from Access

  bdavis6290 19:02 05 Mar 2014

I have a access database with tbl's, and qry's etc., and a Excel spreadsheet with 30 or so worksheets. ex. (02), (04), (06) and so on. Each worksheet represents a specialty. What I'm trying to do is have access open the spread sheet grab data from a tbl in access, match the cmsspecialtycode with the matching worksheet in excel and make a copy of that tab with each person within that group of specialties and move them before worksheet (02). After that group of specialties is complete I need to save the spreadsheet with title in range (7, O) with in that specialty. Ex: (06) = test project (06) then select the all new work sheets before (02) and save them in pdf format with the same name as the spreadsheet. Before moving to the next groups of specialties delete all worksheets before (02) and move to the next group.

  lotvic 20:59 05 Mar 2014

Perhaps you would be better with specialist MrExcel Forum. The Excel Forum answers over 30,000 questions a year for free and is the most popular section of MrExcel. ClickHere

  Woolwell 21:01 05 Mar 2014

I think that you need to use some specialist Access forums as what you are asking is quite complex and may depend on which version of Access.

  Woolwell 21:02 05 Mar 2014

lotvic - We cross posted. I was looking up some Access forums but couldn't decide which one.

  lotvic 21:38 05 Mar 2014

Woolwell, LOL I've just cross posted with others on a different thread, so know the feeling.

On MrExcel forum they deal with Access as well so that should cover it. I believe that's where Vog is (long time since he posted on here)

  bdavis6290 00:37 06 Mar 2014

Thank you

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