Popcorn Hour A300 Help On Vob Files

  Viceversa 09:13 16 Mar 2014

I was impressed by a friend's PCH A210 and I purchased two PCH A300. I have experienced no end of difficulties setting up my machines, primarily with their inability to play mkv files with vob subtitles.

When finally I was able to access the user manual, I discovered that they do not recognise vob subtitles. The PCH A210 does and I understand that do did earlier versions of the A300. A large number of my discs have vob subtitles, so I need to solve the problem. Is it resolvable with any appropriate firmware or will I need to replace these machines and count the cost? All advice and recommendations appreciated. Happydays

  lotvic 14:56 16 Mar 2014

You could try on networkedmediatank.com/forum to check if you have the latest firmware and see if your problem has been resolved by other users of the A300

  imendpc 15:35 16 Mar 2014

enter link description hereYou are very much dependent on the firmware as to whether vobsub subtitles are supported or not. Not to say that your problem is solved are you aware of firmware upgrades are available here. If the firmware does not implement subtitles support for VOBSUB files then you are stuck. 1]: [click here

  lotvic 15:52 16 Mar 2014

imendpc, I see you are falling foul of the peculiarities of pca formatting :)

I find that after pasting a link url in, if I then type several spaces - about 4 or 5 - before starting next word the link click here displays properly.

  imendpc 15:54 16 Mar 2014

The Networked Jukebox Forum suggests some ideas

Seems to be that 1080p vobsub is not supported but 720p is. There are quite a few suggestions as to what to do so may worth investigating after upgrading to the latest firmware.

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