POP-UPS, syware etc!

  blakjak91 13:09 19 Aug 2005

I'll keep this as short as possible... Recently bought a Pc from a recycling centre that cleans up old office Pc's for home use, this came installed with windows 98 (not Xp etc) I tried downloading an anti-spyware program and this has picked up a virus of some sort so now I have an illegal operation box come up when booting up my machine everytime. I can close this and still get onto the Net but then I get pop-ups, one especially on Ebay, a Web Site Directory pop-up that freezes the screen. I have tried downloading various 'Spyware', 'Firewall' bits etc (I don't even know what they do) but this is not working. Is it possible to re-install Windows 98 easily as I have no disc or can I 'clean' up my computer myself? Any basic information would be MUCH appreciated!

  feb 16:20 19 Aug 2005

Hi blakjak91

without a disc you could have a problem,

do you have any Anti viurus software installed and what was the spyware program you downloaded?

  blakjak91 21:14 19 Aug 2005

I can't remember the original one downloaded, I have now un-installed that. I currentlty have Spybot search & destroy and AnalogX POW on my desktop although these are not really helping. My main concern is my Partner losing Bank info etc...

  Pooke 21:21 19 Aug 2005

If you have no disk you can't reinstall an Operating System.

Download a firewall, Zone Alarm this acts to try and stop things getting in and out of your computer. AVG antivirus, detects and removes virii, adaware and spybot s and d removes spyware and adware (stuff that tracks what you do and displays pop ups with ads in them).

click here

click here

click here

click here

Download, update and run these.


  p;3 00:37 20 Aug 2005

am intrigued;if reading this correctly, you have been sold an infected second-hand machine? have you actually discussed this with the shop/centre concerned as i would have thought that they would make sure that machines are safe for resale? did it come with any type of "guarantee" or after-sales support?

  Kev.Ifty 00:55 20 Aug 2005

I think you may have to buy your own copy of an operating system. You cant legally own the Win98 OS on a second hand PC.

This maybe why you are having problems.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:54 20 Aug 2005

Is there a sticker on the machine containing the windows 25 digit no.?

There may be a folder on the harddrive called Win98, this will contain all the files for installing windows.

If you have both of these then you have a legit copy of windows as the liecense can be sold on with the machine

  feb 23:04 20 Aug 2005

Bank details shouldn't be a problem, they are held on a secure server not your PC.

give some details of the "illegal operation box" and the "pop-ups"

  blakjak91 13:13 21 Aug 2005

I'll answer some of the above... The machine was fine when bought It was only 2 weeks later or so that I downloaded an anti-spyware file which took about 45 mins so I left my machine running, only after that have I had the 'illegal operation' box and pop-ups know & again. The main pain being on Ebay when WebSiteDirectory pop-up covers the whole screen & freezes my access into Ebay, The Spybot search & destroy locates problems and I 'fix' them but this does not get rid of pop-ups. I can still navigate around the net but wondered how to fix it completely. FruitBat - I have a Windows 95 sticker on the side of the Modem with Product Id (20 digits) The folder Win98, is this on the desktop? Cheers everyone for help, keep the ideas coming...

  p;3 23:25 22 Aug 2005

what are your pc specs? and are you on dial-up? and puzzled as to why an anti-spyware program took , what, 45 minutes to download?

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