pop ups poppimg up - trojan horse? I'm desperate!

  mco 17:48 02 May 2004

Please help (a non-technical poster) I sorted the msblast virus thanks to you guys last summer so I hope you can help now. On broadband - networked, but my computer (98) is ok. Teenage daughter's (XP) last 2 days takes ages to come on and then pop ups pop all loads of times and you can't get rid of them - slows down the whole system. I made her install Norton last year (but not sure if she's done it fully) and when Norton eventually comes up it says we have a Trojan Horse but not able to solve.. Is there a patch or whatever I can download off my computer, save to disc and take it into hers to sort this? Or have I misunderstood the problem? Please help - otherwise she will want to spend hours on my computer instead!!!!

  VoG II 17:58 02 May 2004

Are these Messenger Service pop-ups? click here

Otherwise could be spyware - get Ad-aware click here and Spybot click here - update before running.

  mco 18:09 02 May 2004

I'm not sure if it's messenger service popups -will have a look. can I download that ad-aware/spybot onto a floppy disc and put it onto my daughter's? ( I'm on Win98 and she on XP) Or do I have to do it off her computer, waiting hours to do so? (But I will if I have to!)

  VoG II 18:12 02 May 2004

You can download the files and put them on a CD. Then transfer to her PC and double click them to install.

Whilst you're about it you could get some trojan scanners click here and click here or scan online click here

  mco 18:20 02 May 2004

oops! my computer can't save to cd only floppy - guess will have to go on hers and wait hours to get through. Thanks anyway - will try later on after a few drinks.

  VoG II 18:23 02 May 2004

You could use WinZip click here to compress the files and put onto floppies (using span multiple disks option).

  Nellie2 19:04 02 May 2004

It doesn't sound like messenger pop ups. If Norton say's it can't fix the problem then the trojan is probably sitting in system restore. You will need to disable system restore, scan your machine, and then re-enable system restore not forgetting to set a new restore point as all your previous restore points will have been lost. Info on disabling system restore click here

  mco 22:32 02 May 2004

ok - so I've printed off the info re disabling system restore; I do that, then do I scan with Norton Anti Virus (assuming daughter installed it correctly) and then...? Sorry for sounding a bit thick! What do you mean by 'set a new restore point as all your previous restore points will have been lost'?

  Quiller. 22:51 02 May 2004

As Nellie2 says set a new system restore point.

To do this go to start - all programmes - accessories - system tools - system restore. You will find a tab to pick a new restore point, just call it good or first or what you like.

This will give your daughter a safety net if she has future problems with x\p.

Also worth downloading is spyware blaster.click here

recomended by Gandalph.

  mco 23:04 02 May 2004

thanks - will try all this tomorrow am and hope to clikc the 'resolved' buttton from daughter's own computer later, fingers crossed. If not - will be back on my own using my bank holiday to solve her problem while she's out on the town enjoying herself! PS - why do I never get viruses? Is it because she's on kazaa and downloads all manner of stuff every hour of the day and I'm just a middle -aged so and so just using the internet for email and research? Is XP more prone than 98? Or have I just been lucky?

  Quiller. 23:15 02 May 2004

Yes you are right, x\p is more prone and kassa does not help. I would not touch it with the proverbial barge pole.

What would also may help is to delete your daughters temp files.

To do this start - my computer - local disk "C" - documents and settings - " your daughters name" - local settings - temp. Highlight all and delete. If this path is not shown, then click the tools tab in my computer, then folder options, then view. Now put a dot in show hidden files and folders. Then apply, this should get you there.

Good luck.

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