Pop ups and pop unders

  Koochy 22:34 23 Jul 2007

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of a ridiculous amount of pop ups and pop under ads?
I have disabled system restore and ran A.V.G. anti spyware A.V.G. anti virus and ad aware both in normal mode and safe mode and they found nothing, I have used Ccleaner and that found lots of registry errors so did a back up and got Ccleaner to fix issues.
I am at my wits end with these pop ups.
System - XP sp2 Fully updated with all recommended and optional updates.

  skidzy 22:54 23 Jul 2007

Koochy run this to look for any possible unwanted rogue programs click here

Do you have Anything like Smiley Central or messenger Plus installed ?
Check in add and remove for anything that should not be there.

Superantispyware click here
Spybot SD click here

  lotvic 22:56 23 Jul 2007

You will have to enable the 'pop-up blocker' in your browser

What do you use? Firefox, Internet Eplorer 7 or ?

  tullie 23:03 23 Jul 2007

Try Google Toolbar,its got a pop up blocker

  woodchip 23:05 23 Jul 2007

Disabling System Restore will Be no good when your computer stops working,. And it will not do anything to stop popups. Worse than popups is when you search and you are diverted to another page without your knowledge

  Koochy 23:24 23 Jul 2007

I am not at home tonight so i will have to check your advise in the morning and get back.

lotvic - I have both Ie7 and firefox and both have the pop up blockers enabled so i don't know how they are getting past.

tullie - i have tried the google tool bar as well but still no joy.

woodchip - I only disabled the system restore while i used the anti spyware programs, as soon as finished scanning i enabled it again. I was once advised by someone on this forum that the malware etc. could stay in system restore and re appear at start up.

Thanks to all for the prompt responses.

  birdface 23:27 23 Jul 2007

For getting rid of pop-ups and flash objects in I/Explorer I use this,click here It also has a spell check on it.Unfortunately if your computer is already infected it will not get rid of it.Only to be used as a pop-up stopper and flash stopper.

  woodchip 23:27 23 Jul 2007

Something that will help you a lot is this, click here

  skidzy 23:37 23 Jul 2007

Something else that may help Koochy click here

if all the above fail you...its time for the hijackthis route

Download HJT click here
Scan and post the log click here

Do NOT tinker with the scan results,let the experts advise accordingly.

  Koochy 23:38 23 Jul 2007

Thanks for that Woodchip - It's a bit too heavy for this time of night so i will have a full read of it tomorrow.

buteman - I don't really use IE7 i use firefox, i only used IE7 to see if it was just something in Firefox but obviously not but thanks for trying.


  woodchip 23:40 23 Jul 2007

It's easy you do not need to read it. Just download then run the program it knows where to put it's self to work. you only have to double click the file

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