Pop ups cause iexplore to exit

  mxyzptlk 16:51 11 Jun 2007

I am using Windows XP and iexplore6. Some pop ups or new windows cause iexplore to just exit. All open windows immediately close before the pop up or new window is displayed. Anti-virus and anti-spyware scans are clean.

I can't find an obvious iexplore setting that will fix this - can anyone help?

  Jackcoms 16:53 11 Jun 2007

Are you running a pop-up blocker?

  mxyzptlk 17:04 11 Jun 2007

No, I'm not running a pop up blocker. I was running the iexplore pop up blocker, but unchecking this did not make any difference.

  skidzy 17:17 11 Jun 2007

Some apps that may help click here

What scans have you ran ?

Also check task manager for a possible cpu hog ! and post back.

Do you by any chance have any toolbars installed ? if so remove these.

  mxyzptlk 17:32 11 Jun 2007

I have run adaware, spybot S&D and AVG. I also use ZoneAlarm Pro. I have no toolbars installed and task manager shows no cpu hog - I constantly check for this.

I will try some of the apps you suggest but I would have thought the ones I use would catch most nasties.

P.S. Exactly the same thing happens in Firefox!

  skidzy 17:46 11 Jun 2007

I would think its a program of sorts on your pc.

Have you downloaded anything recently,i ask this as programs like Messenger Plus offer a bundled sponsor that is malware/spyware.LOP is reknown for being a parasite malware/spyware that comes bundled with some programs and can be a real nuisance providing similar actions as you are receiving.

check in add and remove programs for anything that shoud not be there.

  p;3 19:23 11 Jun 2007

I woudl also suggestfully updating and runnin g

this on a full deep scan
click here


already linked BUT
click here

also on a full deep scan; surprising what them two manage to find::))

  mxyzptlk 19:47 11 Jun 2007

Thanks skidzy and p;3 for your suggestions. Can't do it now but will do so ASAP and post back sometime tomorrow.

  p;3 20:06 11 Jun 2007

I would also throw in an on line scan from trend too

click here

if THAT lot don't find nowt (hopefully it will)

you may end up doing what is in skidzy's thread and

go to the malaware forum as linked in the other thread

click here

see how you get on with the scans::))

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