Pop ups asking for credit card details

  lizhy 14:46 07 Apr 2007

I have a problem when I try to pay for something online using a Visa card. Having filled in my details on the vendors website, I then get a pop up box proclaiming to be "Visa Card Verification" It is pre-populated with my card number, but asks me to fill in end date, CVV no and ATM pin "for security reasons" I close the popup without supplying any of the details and the transaction then completes ok. This has happened 3 times, using reputable sites (Next, M&S)I have tried informing both the vendors and my visa card issuers, but neither seem interested. I have sumised that it must be something running on my PC as I today used one of the same websites from my work laptop and didn't get the popup.
I have Symantec virus guard stuff installed and running on my PC and it doesn't pick up anything. If I startup Task Manager whilst the popup is in place it just shows it as being an iexplore process.

How can I find out what / where it is and get rid of it ???

try running a squared (free version) contains the full scanner and database very thorough search and doesnt upset norton
click here

  beynac 15:03 07 Apr 2007

Are you sure that it's asking for your PIN?

If not, then this procedure is valid (click here for details).

If it is, then it is definitely wrong - the valid procedure does NOT ask for your PIN and, of course, you should never divulge it.

  beynac 15:07 07 Apr 2007
  mocha 15:14 07 Apr 2007

If you use the web regularly it is in your interest to have anti virus software, which you have. A Firewall, I dont know if there is one in your Norton package and at least two anti-spyware programs, Keep all up to date with their definitions and do regular scans on your computer.

adman 2 has mentioned a squared, this is a good one, also try one of these

click here

click here

  jolorna 15:16 07 Apr 2007

is it asking for your pin or security No which is the last 3 digits on the back of the card

  BRYNIT 15:23 07 Apr 2007

If it's a Barclaycard Visa you are using this will explain what the popup is about. click here

if the transaction completes after you close /ignore the window, then it points to a nasty

  bremner 15:50 07 Apr 2007

Ditto for RBS cards click here

  Noldi 16:00 07 Apr 2007

Is the Visa Card page https://.
If so this should be a secure page.


  lizhy 19:27 07 Apr 2007

Thanks for all of your prompt repsonses. In answer to several questions, regarding it maybe being a valid request from the likes of "verified by visa" - I have regsitered with (and used) this service before and I initially thought that the pop up was from them. But it specifically asks for a CCV2 (sic) number and ATM Pin number - which rung alarm bells with me. I checked on the Verified by Visa website - and the process they describe does not correspond to the details I was asked for. I also checked with Barclays (who are the card issuers), and other than saying I should never give out my ATM pin number they weren't really interested in helping. That I can close the popup without entering any details and the transaction still completes okay also leads me to believe that it can't be valid.
I do have Norton and a firewall running, but I will now download squared and see if that finds anything - I'll let you know.
Thanks again, and a Happy Easter to all.

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