pop unders

  jimmer409? 20:33 29 Aug 2003

running xp home, sometimes the popups on the taskbar, i.e. when you hover desktop, oe, etc. pop under, can't seem to sort this out, doesn't happen all the time, tried everything, but no good, usually acts properly the next time i boot.
any ideas.

  Chris the Ancient 21:01 29 Aug 2003

It's no help to you, but mine do the same at times!


  whybe 01:01 30 Aug 2003

Mine seems to vary, pop up, pop behind the taskbar, don't do either. It may be coincidence but I've notice it happen after install or remove of software before doing a reboot. XP Pro.

  Djohn 01:23 30 Aug 2003

Yep! used to happen on the odd occasion with 98se as well. j.

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