Pop up that pops down!!!

  Mike D 16:58 12 May 2004

I work in a training centre where most of the students are children. Obviously we have firewalls, anti-virus applications, pop-up stoppers, spyware killers etc, but some nasties still creep in, usually in the form of pop ups, which keep us on our toes with cancels that mean ok and nos that mean yes. One that regularly comes in seems to open off the screen - the task bar icon, when clicked, appears to move downwards, rather than into the main window. Worryingly, the task bar icon does not say what it is, other than just Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Any ideas as to how I can get at it to see what it is?


  grey george 17:07 12 May 2004

Have you tried a right mouse click on it.

  Mike D 17:18 12 May 2004

Grey George

Yes, but nowt happens!


  grey george 17:24 12 May 2004

What about alt tab on my 98se this shows a list of the open exploer windows if I hold down the tab. Or just alt F4 to kill it off.

  Mike D 17:25 12 May 2004

Grey George

Sorry, going senile.

I can right click, but I can only close it or minimise it. It is already maximised and if I try to move it, it appears to be "stuck" below the task bar.


  grey george 17:30 12 May 2004

Hi again what about ctrl + alt + del this will bring up the taskmanager showing what is running and should name it.

  Mike D 22:37 12 May 2004

Hi grey george

Ctrl + alt+del closes the pc because we're on a network. Aint life rich?


  grey george 09:19 13 May 2004

Networks are not my field, But it must be possible for the administrator to see which process are running on which machine. You could start a new thread along this line.
Regards GG

  Mike D 11:07 13 May 2004

Thank you. I will look at networks and re-post if necessary.


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