pop up nuisance

  charlton200 09:40 15 Oct 2007

We have two account on our computer , mine and my wifes. On my account i get no pop ups at all. my wife didn't get any to about 2 weeks ago, but now she get them all the time. she has two popup blockers and i have run all the free spy-ware programs and I still can't stop them for her, some of the pop ups are advertising spyware programs and other are just random rubbish.
I am not sure what she has installed to cause this.

Have you got any ideas please as she is nagging me to get them stopped and i don't know what else I can do.

thanks very much

  JanetO 11:55 15 Oct 2007

An online scan at Housecall might get rid of the trojans click here

  charlton200 14:56 15 Oct 2007

I have just given that a try, no luck.

I left the computer on her homepage for 1/2 hour to do something else and when I came back another 6 popups had appeared and i wasn't even using it, although the INTERNET was still on.


  mfletch 15:13 15 Oct 2007

Hi, It sounds like a Smitfraud infection?

Download this click here but please read and print out the instructions before using,

Run on wifes account,


  sunny staines 16:14 15 Oct 2007

try this one it works when others fail.

click here SuperAntispyware 3 9 1008

use free version.

  charlton200 16:26 15 Oct 2007

I tried Smitfraud infection program and I have got super anti spyware.

I am still get these things , the main two popups are
sws antispyware looking the a windows security center alert and spyware secure. Thy are the regular one plus all the other rubbish.

Any other ideas please.

  sunny staines 16:29 15 Oct 2007

did you run the full scan with superantispyware?

your pc may be hijacked run gmer and post the log some of the forum experts may be able to help.
gmer antirootkit 1 0 13 12551 click here

  brundle 16:37 15 Oct 2007

Spyware secure removal; click here

Although ideally you should sign up here and post a log; click here

  charlton200 16:49 15 Oct 2007

Is this a free removal tool or do I have to pay for it Please.

  sunny staines 16:57 15 Oct 2007

the gmer is free not sure about brundles posting dont know that one.

  charlton200 16:59 15 Oct 2007

gmer, looks very confusing, is it ok to use please

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