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  Steve1903 19:29 01 Jul 2007


I have a little shield in the taaskbar which keep flicking from a blue background with a white question mark to a red background with a white cross.

Every 5 minutes a yellow pop up bubble comes up and says System has detected a number of viruses and when I click on it it sends me to an interent site to download security software.

I have norton installed. Does anyone know how to get rid of this as it is driving me crazy. It doesn't come up with anything when I hover the cursor over it either and right clicking the icon sends me to the website as well.

The web address is: click here


  howard64 20:13 01 Jul 2007

go to start - run - msconfig - startup tab top right and see if the name of this spyprog is listed if it is take the tick out of the box and reboot.

  [email protected] 20:49 01 Jul 2007

Your system has spyware on it.

Download spybot, ad-aware and registry mechanic. Scan with all threea and remove anything they find.

Its ironic that companies infect your machine with spyware to try and get you to buy thier program to get rid of your spyware. make sense :/

  Andy1991 20:58 01 Jul 2007

Steve, I am incredibally sure about this. The site u are being refered to is a spyware or trojan site. A good protector against viruses would never tell u it has found some and ask u download thier product, niether would any program in windows. Do a full scan with multiple scanners including ur Norton to find this program that is annoying u. And remove it. If u can't find it, see if u can find out what its file name is, and if there is any other file that is enforcing its running, then we can go to the registry and delete the reference to it in the registry at "HKLM/Software/microsoft/windows/current version/Run/" and the same root but HKCU and KKU. i will guide u through this if u need help. But do ur scans first using ur Norton and any of the below i have provided u with, and we will kill this annoying *****. Lol. just a bit of humor to lighten up. ;-)

Windows Defender :click here

Trend micro housecall: click here (Does not get rid of them)

Adaware: click here

Avast Anti-Virus:
click here

The following are available as trials:

True Sword: click here

  sidecar sid 21:06 01 Jul 2007
  rdave13 21:10 01 Jul 2007
  Steve1903 23:23 09 Jul 2007

Many thanks to all who responded. Some fixes were way too complicated for me (or at least looked it), some seemed to work until I re-booted. Sidecar Sid gave me a link which involved running a program that seems to have now resolved the problem. If it doesn't return I will action it as resolved (I hadn't realised you had to do this so thanks to howard64 for letting me know).

Excellent site and advice.

thanks to all

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