pop box for no reason

  louandel 11:28 31 Dec 2006

I have been running my site click here on ie6 for some time, no problem. Irecently downloaded IE7 and found that for some reason it would not bring up the prompt box on click here
After being able to solve this i downloaded a standalone version of 1e6. Great the prompt box appears! However now on other pages the pages are downloading and a prompt box comes up saying click ok if you wish to continue downloading the content of this page.
This does not happen on other sites or other computers. It does not happen on this site on other browsers.
Any ideas?


  louandel 11:37 31 Dec 2006

I have realised that when I click the prompt box to make it go it does not go straight away. I have to click 7 times. The same amount of times that as the number of flash buttons on nav bar I have. In fact when i just did it it showed the page loading one flash button at a time. so does any one know if i may have some security on being cautious about flash that I need to take away? And if so....where is it?

of course i maybe totally wrong...

thanx for your help


  mco 17:34 31 Dec 2006

I'm getting a kitten in a couple of days so was reading your site btw!
Is it essential that you have flash nav buttons? Might it not just be easier to have regular ones that don't give you problems? For instance, while they came up fine on IE7 and Opera, there was just a blue bar on my firefox when I looked - so presumably noone with firefox could navigate it?

  louandel 18:18 31 Dec 2006

hi mco!

nice to know another cat lover. Yes I've realised that flash buttons come with more problems than you need. This site was designed when I was trying out all new things and i wanted nice shiny buttons!
I am now doing a new draft without the flash buttons click here
and before you say i'm going to work the prompt box so that the user clicks for it to come up (mucking about with javascript you see)

It still bugs me though that ie6 doesnt show and I would rather have the option.

I hope everything goes ok with getting the kitten.
Tehy are definately worth it. a Burmese (if your going for a pedigree) have the personality of a dog. they love people and have great personalities. (like Ellie.)

When you get one send a pic to global cats. I'd love to see them!

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