pop-up ad virus within script - help please!

  carmel123 12:50 14 Dec 2012

Hi, We have a malware adware problem. Basically on online forums certain words in the text are highlighted, and a pop-up ad for eg Apple appears. Our existing anti-virus software didn't detect it so we have downloaded and paid for Spy Hunter, which hasn't got rid of it, and also run scans from the free download Avast which also hasn't worked. We are starting to tear our hair out! Any ideas please? It's a laptop and we use Windows 7 and Firefox. Many thanks in advance.

  lotvic 13:13 14 Dec 2012

You haven't got a pop-up ad virus. What you are seeing is quite normal. It is 'inline advertising' 'skimlinks' 'intellitxt' etc. when your mouse cursor is on one of these an advert pops up.

You will need an AdBlocker addon for your browser if you want to stop most of them. I use FireFox and have the extension addon: AdBlockPlus

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:14 14 Dec 2012

Probably not really a virus just away that free sites (such as this one PCA) pay for themselves with advertising, that's why your anti virus and anti malware programs haven't sorted it.

I use an Add on call NoScript which allows you to block all sorts of things but may need tweaking to allow some of the things you want to see in a site. If I fully block PCA for instance I cannot post links using the Globe.

NoScript here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:15 14 Dec 2012


looks like we're cross posting again :0)

  lotvic 13:19 14 Dec 2012

Fruit Bat /\0/\, I like to think of it as confirming each others advice :) I'm off out now so won't be posting again till evening :)

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