poor.exe appeared in task manager?

  second best 22:27 03 Feb 2004

hi, checking my system for possible spyware and the like, i have spybot and adaware, and a couple of others. all is oging ok, but i've noticed this poor.exe in processes in task manager. never seen it before. what is it?

  Diodorus Siculus 22:33 03 Feb 2004

Do a search on your pc for it; see what folder it is in. Also do a spyware check: click here
SpybotSD click here

  second best 10:25 04 Feb 2004

er...diodorus, did you read my thread at all, :) i have spybot and adaware, but i will check for it using the search command

  second best 10:31 04 Feb 2004

the file is located in c:windows\Prefetch and contains a load of exe. files. i have never seen this before in over three years of computing, i find it strange that it should appear now. what could it be?

  Diodorus Siculus 10:58 04 Feb 2004

second best - my apologies for that; I scanned your post too quickly.

Can you disable it? See when it starts up.

A useful program for this is Mike Lin's startup control panel - from click here

I don't know anything about poor.exe, nor can I find out about it via google.

  Eastender 11:45 04 Feb 2004

Don't know about poor.exe but for Prefetch click here

  second best 16:28 04 Feb 2004

thnaks for that eastender. you're right in this. it seems in th efolder are all me recently used programmes, so the link makes sense top me. nothing to worry about by the look of it. just find it strange that ive never seen it beofore.

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