poor wi-fi performance

  LABMAN 22:55 21 Feb 2007

Hi Folks,

I recently upgraded my old Edimax 802.11b wireless router for a Belkin and ever since my wifes laptop along with my sons pc and X-box 360 which are all wireless connected are for ever loing there connection.

It's got so bad I'm almost tempted to chuck it in the bin and go back to the old one, one other problem which may be causing the drop outs is that whilst the Edimax constantly showed a connection of very good to excellent, the Belking at times struggles to get out of poor to good coonection.

All help and advice greatly appreciated

  2neat 23:16 21 Feb 2007

speak to Belkin B4 you chuck it in the bin!

  Kate B 23:42 21 Feb 2007

Have you tried changing the channel? If you're in a busy neighbourhood all your neighbours might be on the same channel - most wireless stuff defaults to 11.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 23:47 21 Feb 2007

This will show all detectable networks in range with channel numbers.
click here

  LABMAN 18:44 22 Feb 2007

Hiya folks,

thanks for that link Ho-Lin-Sok, when I ran it just now there were 6 wireless networks in range all on channel 11, 5 of which were G routers and 1 was a B.

As suggested Kate B ans after seeing the above I've set mine to channel 5,so far it looks promising with the wifes laptop showing at the moment very good for the connection which is the best I've managed to date.

I'll tick this as hopefully resolved for the moment just in case I forget to get back to it but thank you all for the help and suggestions.


  Ho-Lin-Sok 21:37 22 Feb 2007

May I suggest you go to channel 1 as it's as far away as you can get from 11, you can revert to 5 if it's no better.

  LABMAN 10:13 23 Feb 2007

I will give it a try tonight when I get home from work Ho-Lin-Sok as whilst the PC and laptop seem fine just now, my son is still complaining that his X-box 360 is still losing it's connection in the middle of a game.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 15:26 23 Feb 2007

Maybe just a bad spot in the house with weak signal, when someone else fires up he gets booted. Wireless can be a bit frustrating .

  LABMAN 19:17 23 Feb 2007

That's me just set router to channel 1 so will see if it makes any difference as I just found another wireless network on channel 9.

What gets me most about the problems Ho-Lin-Sok is that my sons bedroom hence his PC and X-box 360 are upstairs next door to mine were my PC and broadband connection come in to the house the wireless router is no more than 15feet away from either with no major obstructions (solid walls etc.) and I still say that the old Edimax gave a better signal on the 802.11b band.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 22:28 23 Feb 2007

Are your adapters wireless "g" standard.

  LABMAN 19:48 25 Feb 2007

Hi Ho-lin-Sok, sory for the delay but I've been a bit under the weather over the weekend.

Yes all the wireless adapters are "g" standard that was one of the reasosn for replacing the "b" router in the 1st place, originaly my sons was am Edimax "b" to match the router but the cable connecting the antena to the pci card snapped and I purchased a Linskys "g" USB adapter to replace it, my wifes laptop has a "g" built in and the X-box one is the offical Microsoft unit that cost near enough £60.

At the moment my wifes laptop downstairs is running at Excellent connection whilst my sons is showing low to good and yet as said earlier it's only next door to the router.

Both the new router and the wireless adapter for my sons PC are both sited in the same places on their desks as the units they replaced.

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