poor video playback

  bpzoom 17:38 04 May 2003

WIN XP with SP1. 700mhz PC, 256mb ram. ESS1868 audio drive plug and play driver version 5.1.2535.0 of 2001 vintage. No further drivers appear to be available. I am new to video play back and new to broadband. The video quality I am getting for news items and sports news is poor. Degenerates into a series of stills and stops altogether, sound OK. Apart from possible deficiencies in AOL broadband ( why always blame them?) I would like someone who knows more than me to tell me if it is likely my configuration e.g.video card is not up to the mark. My machine is home built with a video card carried forward from an old Viglen PC.From the info. above can I adjust the speed of what I have got (XP says it is working OK), or if it may be the cause of the problem, what sort of video card should I be looking for, (if at all) Thanks

  kane_2002k 01:11 05 May 2003

if it's streaming video then u can expect pic quality to be bad, With ur PC spec, consider a upgrade in graphics card, possibly otherwise just close all other programmes down and then see if there is any improvement.

If possible download a video file off the internet, e.g movie trailer, but not streaming!!!!! (so it's saved onto ur harddrive) play that back and see the quality of it. If isn't any better i would put it down to PC spec, if there is an improvement then it's just the fact streaming video is poor quality.

  kane_2002k 01:13 05 May 2003

not worth getting more then a geforce 4 mx (around £50) - after that ur processor will be holding the graphics card back.

  bpzoom 12:15 05 May 2003

kane_2002k, thanks very much for your help, I confess I am not sure what streaming video is. I guess it might be what I am trying to do ? That is watch the TV news bulletins and sports clips advertised as available on broadband. The opposite of streaming video I take it to be downloading and then playing? I have tried using IE6 instead of AOL same poor quality. Thanks also for the limitation placed on a graphic card by my spec. With regard to closing other programs, only background progs are running anyway, would you think disabling my firewall might improve the situation?

  hugh-265156 12:39 05 May 2003

if using realone player open tools/preferences/connection and set up connection speed here then click playback settings below and buffer 30secs then click hardware and play around with the settings here also try the tools/videocontrols sliders for picture quality.

in media player click tools/options/performance and set up the same as above. watching on full screen settings in both can be a bit grainy so would advise windowed as normaly better quality.

  Bebee 12:55 05 May 2003

I get smooth streaming video on a much lower spec than yours. huggyg71's suggestion would be my first option in looking for a solution.

  bpzoom 14:08 05 May 2003

Thanks to you all for very helpful advice. I will play around and see what I can get out of it with present config.If all fails I will up the ante on a better graphics card as advised. The AOL broadband tab which picks up realplayer always produces very poor video reception. I get better by clicking on realplayer whilst online and tuning in from there. Then it calls for a passport for better connection which I have not bought anyway. I thought a simple soul like me could just click on the AOL broadband News/sports videos and watch! Should have known better. Thanks again

  kane_2002k 16:26 05 May 2003

if u have an anti virus programme running in the background disable it and see what happens.

  hugh-265156 16:31 05 May 2003
  bpzoom 17:57 05 May 2003

huggyg71, thanks I tried that BBC site, which confirmed that my realplayer version is OK (version 8), but suggested I needed a download of a Realplayer plugin piece of software,which I did download, but when it tried to activate the .exe file it announced it was not a WIN32 application and could not be used.Disabled the firewall, no difference either. hmmmm maybe it is my graphics card or even AOL broadband malfunction.

  hugh-265156 18:13 05 May 2003

am really sorry i was not aware that i had even posted that link.huggy has lost the plot lol! to get the latest realone player click here and click top right for free player.a reinstall might help.when you do click tools/check for updates.graphics card drivers will help too if you know model and get the latest driver.click here and use this to find out what card.

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