poor upload speed

  briskem1 10:40 08 Feb 2009

is there a way to increase my upload speed as its seems to stick at 26kps [download is 2 mbs and ok] thanks for any advice.

  kindly 10:51 08 Feb 2009

I am not sure briskem, but I think the upload speed is usually about 10% of the download speed.
You could call your ISP and ask if its possible to have more.
I would say that the download speed is the impotant one.

  Clapton is God 10:53 08 Feb 2009

"its seems to stick at 26kps"

Based on what?

Which speed tester are you using?

How far are you from your local exchange?

How often do you do a speed test? You'll be surprised at how much it can differ throughout the day.

  birdface 12:19 08 Feb 2009

I am with Virginmedia on 2 Mb
Download speed 2085 kbps
Upload speed 243 kbps
Using this speed test. click here

  briskem1 14:52 08 Feb 2009

ive tried speedtest.net ,also asked virgin about upload speed and they said its a computer prob i'm on cable 2mb ,and even to open this page took me well over 4 mins

  Clapton is God 15:39 08 Feb 2009

"and even to open this page took me well over 4 mins"

So that's slow download times, not upload.

  birdface 16:24 08 Feb 2009

Run that speedtest that I sent you so that we can tell what you are getting.That is the one that the Virgin Engineers use.Have you tried turning the modem off for 10 seconds and then turning on again and leaving for 2 miutes before you use it.Right click local area connection and press repair,see if it comes up with a DNS problem.

  briskem1 18:36 08 Feb 2009

ok done that download = 1986kbps ..upload =91kbps and i have tried unplugging modem time after time for longer than 2 mins no result!!

  MAT ALAN 18:40 08 Feb 2009


The inverse operation, referred to as uploading, is to send data from a local system to a remote system, FTP server, website, etc., with the intent that the remote system should save a copy of whatever is being transferred. For example, "Uploading a video to Wikipedia" means to transfer a copy of a video file from your computer to this website, such that both systems retain identical copies.[2] As with downloading a file, the collective process of sending a file to a remote system may at times be referred to simply as "an upload."

Unless you meet this sort of criteria i wouldn't bother too much as to what speed you UPLOAD...

  woodchip 18:41 08 Feb 2009

even to open this page took me well over 4 mins. not unusual for PCA site thats why i keep pressing the refresh button and i am on a 8meg speed

  woodchip 18:46 08 Feb 2009

Are you using a Wireless connection?

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