Poor Sound..

  Ginge1980 22:23 21 Jun 2007

Hello all,
Just upgraded my system..
The new motherboard is an 'Asus M2N32-SLI'
I'm using the onboard sound card but the sound quality is c@*p. There is bad distortion on both audio files and games. I never had this problem with my old gigabyte motherboard.
The speakers in use are working fine, a basic 2:1 set up and I've downloaded what i think is the most recent drivers from the Asus website - (the 1998b) from click here.
OS is XP, sp2.
Any sugestions/advice please.

  ambra4 00:55 22 Jun 2007

Try this Sound Driver

click here

  ambra4 01:02 22 Jun 2007

If still not working check hear

click here

  ambra4 01:08 22 Jun 2007
  Ginge1980 13:08 22 Jun 2007

tried the last 2 links, thats where i found the driver i downloaded. About to install from your 1st link, hopfully it will do some good!

  Ginge1980 14:04 22 Jun 2007

Didn't work!

  jack 14:10 22 Jun 2007

What Sound system is it? [Typically AC'97]
Check you have the appropriate setting for your situation
Concert Hall
In the Loo ;-O
It may be as simple as that

  Ginge1980 13:38 24 Jun 2007

Think the system is 'soundmax HD intergrated audio'.
Have played with the settings, its not that. By poor sound i mean there's alot of distortion, even with the bass frequencies turned right down.

  Stuartli 16:01 24 Jun 2007

Check you have the jack plug for your speakers in the correct socket on the rear of the case (output socket with green collar is for speakers, headphones or headset etc).

  Ginge1980 18:23 24 Jun 2007

All connected correctly, but have just realised something...
Was watching a video clip on the internet and the music was nearly correct (around 90% the quality i would expect) I played the exact song through media player - mp3 format and no change to any volume settings but the quality was awful. Excuse any stupidity here as I've no idea how the audio works but why was the quality so much better through the net. Does this give any indication to the underlaying problem?
The mp3 file mentioned previously is fine as it will play on my laptop (not the computer in question!) and a mp3 player fine.
Thanks again

  Stuartli 18:31 24 Jun 2007

Try going to Device Manager via My Computer desktop icon>right click>Properties>Hardware tab>Device Manager button>CD/DVD drives>highlight your drive (or drives in turn)>Propeties>Properties again>tick) Enable Digital Audio CD for this drive.

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