Poor quality sound when ripping CD's using WMA

  BingoBoy 08:44 17 Jan 2008

When I rip music from CDs quite often the quality is poor and jumpy when playing back on my PC and subsequently on my MP3 player. I have changed the bit rate to the best quality but this doesn't seem to make any difference. I use WMA 10(11?) on my XP home edition PC - any ideas what the problem might be and solutions?

  mymate 09:00 17 Jan 2008

have you tried any other programs to rip your cd ?
Heres one . click here

  FatboySlim71 09:01 17 Jan 2008

You could try and see if the sound drivers for your sound card are up to date, if not try installing the latest versions and see if this helps. You will need to find the manufacturer of your sound card first though so as you could look on their web site and compare the version you have to whats on the site to see if there is newer versions. The Belarc Advisor is a useful thing to use to find this out and also other detailed info about your PC, it can be downloaded from here, click here

The sound device should be list under the Multimedia section of Belarc Advisor.

  FatboySlim71 09:05 17 Jan 2008

I found this by searching the net, I thought it may help you.

click here

  BingoBoy 09:20 17 Jan 2008

Thanks for the advice - I will have a look later when I can access my home PC. Unfortunately I am a PC technophobe so it could be a painful process. If I can resolve the sound quality presumably I can re-rip my cds and synch with my MP3 player but should I delete the existing poor quality files from my PC and MP3 player first?

  jack 09:31 17 Jan 2008

There are many programs that will convert CD tracks to MP3
Some are FREE some you pay for after a trial
try a few.
click here

  [email protected] 10:29 17 Jan 2008

It's more likely the PC is the culprit.
CD music quality is very good and WMP is OK for ripping to MP3. You will never improve on the quality but you can surely degrade it. Your PC is in the middle ;-)
To at least get a similar quality you will need either a decent sound card or a modern mobo with decent on-board audio, assuming you have a reasonable speed CPU and plenty of memory.
Anther factor which can influence bad recording is
background running programs kicking in/out - trying to use the resources your burning software is using.
Audio and Video authoring are notorious for fragmenting HDD's, so start your session with a freshly defragged HDD and make sure nothing else is running (AV engines should be shut down so make sure you are off line).

  BingoBoy 22:58 18 Jan 2008

I have cleared out a load of junk using a disk clean-up programme then did a disk defrag and also cleaned the lens but this still does not work. Its like listening to a record with a jump mid-way through it and sounds bad when played back on my PC or MP3 player. I have even shut the whole system down and unplugged it for 45 minutes before rebooting I have now tried one of the MP3 converters and the same jumps and hisses appear on the same track. Out of 4 cd's I ripped to my PC this week 3 had tracks with jumps but one cd ripped OK. Is it the actual CD rewriter? Not so bothered about the sound quality through the PC but need to get quality sound transferring across to my mP3 player. Any suggestions gratefully received.

  BingoBoy 11:32 23 Jan 2008

Have managed to resolve this (I hope) following advice received from MS forum. Basically I had to set the error correction setting on WMP11 under the rip tab go into Devices, CD/DVD drive, Properties, Use Error Correction.

I have ripped the recent CD's that were affected and this seems to have done to job.

Thanks for your input.

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