Poor quality of downloaded pictures

  Pompey 11:33 05 Mar 2003

I have recently acquired a two-year-old system using Windows 98SE and have been busy transferring all my files etc. I have also transferred my Intel 56K HaM Modem as it was only about a year old. Connection is working fine, but pictures are a poor quality as if they are not loading properly. I have checked the settings for the modem on my old machine and they seem to be the same as on the new. Can anyone please suggest what could be wrong?
Any help much appreciated.

  Pesala 12:41 05 Mar 2003

If the files open OK on the newly acquired PC I don't think they could be as much as a single byte different. Do a file size check just to be sure. Right-click on the filename in Windows Explorer for file properties and note the file size in bytes.

It seems more likely to be a difference to do with display, or number of colours. Right-click on desktop and check the settings for each of your systems, and tell us about the display on both systems. eg. 15" monitor 256 colours 800x600 pixels.

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