Poor Print Qaulity On Lightscribe Disc

  redbarron 09:54 05 Jan 2007

I printed my first lightscribe disc the other day and was disapointed by the result. The print out on the disc was very faint to what I was expecting even though I used the 'Best' setting in lightscribe.

I downloaded a colour dvd movie disc cover which was clear, bright and sharp. I obviously wasn't expecting it to print in colour, but I was expecting the image to be sharper than it was.

I use Nero 6 Ultra with lightscribe installed. I have checked to make sure that both my Nero and my Philips lightscribe writer have the latest updates.

Is there a setting that needs adjusting somewhere or a download I need.

I did download from the lightscribe website the 'Lightscribe Extended Label Contrast Utility' to see if that improves things, but haven't used it as yet.


  fitshase 13:45 05 Jan 2007

I have read some reports that you have to put the CD back in to print again over the top to increase the contrast. I think the software automaticall aligns the CD to print correctly.

  Stuartli 14:45 05 Jan 2007

Some tutorials:

click here

click here

Also the Lightscribe website may be useful:

click here

  redbarron 18:07 05 Jan 2007

I did put the disc back in and re-run it. it came out darker and everything was lined up correctly as well. Clever stuff. But I think it still could be better.

I don't know if it's just a marketing thing, but on the packaging for the philips lightscribe writer it shows the discs as being all bright and shiny with nice dark crisp graphics. Yet, my Verbitam lightscribe discs are a matt finish.

Could this be my problem. Are there two different types of lihjtscribe discs?

Thanks for your input to Stuartli


  Curio 20:21 05 Jan 2007

I use HP discs and Sonic software. Not suffering the problems you have. It may be as you say that it is the media on the label side of the disc causing the problem. Text and pics on completed disc are Matt finish as well.

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