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  User-178362 18:54 13 Nov 2005

Epson Stylus C64. My Magenta is very poor. I have put a Cleaning cartridge in to help sort the problem. Then I have to test it but it is not getting any better, and is using up the other colours. I thought if I use a cleaning cartridge it help save the ink belonging to the others when testing. Did I wast my time buying cleaning cartridges.

  jack 20:23 13 Nov 2005

If it is a sigle colour giving grief try this.
Remove the offending cartridge [or is this model a single cartridge?]
Get hold of a thin tub - a drinking straw.
suck up into the straw some vodka- hold the vodka in the straw fit it over the 'feed spike' in the base of then chamber and blow. do this couple of times.

I have moved on to a small syringe and piece of fine tube and use window cleaner instead ,and then pump
back and forth.

  ade.h 21:45 13 Nov 2005

Does the window cleaner taste better than the vodka?

  jack 12:00 14 Nov 2005

one has to know when to blow and when to suck.
A lifestyle lesson perhaps!

  User-178362 12:05 14 Nov 2005

Jack. What is (feed spike?). I will try the window cleaner as I do not drink Vodka. Not that drink window cleaner. Could you please explain, After you put a drop of window cleaner onto the feed spike then you rub. Have I understood correctly? If so is the feed spike the bit that fits into the cartridge?

  woodchip 15:57 14 Nov 2005

In bottom where the Ink Cart fits you will see a spike that breaks the seal on cart to let ink out

  User-178362 16:18 14 Nov 2005

Thank you

  User-178362 16:19 14 Nov 2005


  User-178362 16:47 14 Nov 2005

Buying cleaning cartridges wasn't a good move, as it keeps using up all of my ink. Maybe I should have spent the money on ink and used the printers method of cleaning. I have lost out on buying the cleaning cartridges. What do you think?

  Diemmess 17:01 14 Nov 2005

Just to confirm for yourself the depth of magenta, open any paint program.
Draw a penny sized circle and 'fill' the circle with magenta from the palette or as close as you can get.
Print that. If it is a deep and even colour then your problem is solved

  User-178362 17:53 14 Nov 2005

diemmess I do not know how to do what you suggest. I have Adobe Photoshope, I can open it up and get a white page I make a round circle, click on a color, and try to put the color in the circle, but nothing happens. What should I do? I have XP, MGI Photosuite4.

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