Poor broadband connection on bootup

  hondo's song 22:57 31 Mar 2003

I've Just gone onto broadband after turning on the PC it takes up to an hour to get a connection on the net.
This repeats itself on any reboot. I have enquired from my ISP they tell me I now need a router. What is a router, what does it do,do I still need my PCI modem with a router, and has anyone found a way round the problem without needing to spend even more money?.

  Kyomii 02:40 01 Apr 2003

Which ISP are you with? Is the modem compatible for the service? What are your settings? What is the spec of your system?

Also, you should not need a router unless you are networked to other computers within the home. Please post more information, so that we can try to define the problem.

  hondo's song 18:07 01 Apr 2003

Hondo's Song
Hi Kymoii
Thanks for respone . The ISP is Giointernet.co.uk, the modem was supplied by Giointernet, a Conexant PCI there is no information on the box re model, the system is a Evesham AMD 1200, 40 Gig HD, 512 Ram OS Win ME because of lack of knowledge with B/B I'm not sure what is important & what is not, the one's in protocol, which are the only one's noted in the booklet do match those in the conexant icon in control panel. Is there more that are important, that have not been displayed in the booklet. Software version 4012.099.040.00 what throws me is there are two icon's in dial up net-working one is Giointernet home 512, the other is accessrunner DSL the default is Gio home 512
Does this help
Thank's regards Hondo's song 6.03
Just waited since 05.00PM till 5.55 for connection

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