is this poor air flow?

morning, im looking for some advice on my cobbled together desktop, to see if this seems correct.
i hate noise from the pc and i have upgraded it in it's existing micro , i think, compaq presario sr1909 case.
the difference in my temps the last 3 days is dramatic to say the least, but the temperature outside has been pretty dramtic too.
last week, it was pretty much a heat wave and my temps were.
amd 5200 x2 33c (has akasa evo 120 cooling)
motherboard 37c
psu 36c
8800 gtx idle 58c load 68c
hdds 38c
these have gradually dropped and this morning i am thinking cental heating!
temps today: 10 mins after 2 hours gaming,
cpu 23c
motherboard 24c
psu 29c
8800 idle 49c load 54c
hdds 32c

do the outside temps make this much difference? i would unferstand it mid summer/ mid jan but these differences are 3 days apart.
the graphics card average, im told is late 50's idle and if it's staying under 90c you're doing well.
the case is bog standard, psu has 2x 120 fans, standard case fan at rear plus an akasa exhaust fan 2mm under the graphics card, no fans at front, rather limited air intake at front (all the air seems to be sucked in through the side vent)
my thoughts are is my case too small? evrything in it only just fits (especially the cpu fan, which i have unplugged as the temps read a little close to room temperature with it on and i was thinking condensation)

the cpu with factory hsf temps were
idle late 40c
load late 60c

grx without exhaust
idle late 60c
load mid 80c

now, i would buy a bigger case but i very fond of my nasty circa 1979 argos pc desk, my tower just fits on a tray underneath it, and theres just enough room for my printer next to it.
i have meseaured all the standard atx cases and they are to tall, too deep, and too high (go argos!)
so if i keep this desk im stuck with my small, cramped case, so are these temps ok? im worried what the rise will be in july, and a couple of people have told me my temps seem a little irratic.
when i had the pc last summer my 3500 idled at 40c never rose above 42c and stayed the same in winter.
just a little concerned as the case etc wasnt designed for all the mods, when i bought it you could park a small car in the case, and now its full, apart from this slight worry it's totally stable.
so should i leave it as it is? the other option would be to get a bigger (standard) case bemove the metal tray under my desk and have the tower and printer on the carpet, which i dont want, and if i need a bigger desk i will have to move a window, which i told particulally want either.
any advice please?

cpu 18c
mobo 19c
grx 46c

the last few months i wouldnt have thought these temps possible!

  RobCharles1981 12:09 28 May 2007

My Recomendations for a Case Adam would be the Antec 900 one of best cases I have ever owned keeps everything Ice Cool.

click here
blimey see what you mean, it's 90% hole!, it's too big for my desk, i think im gonna have to have a rethink about my desk.
thanks for the reply and sorry you're still having probs with your breaker tripping, cant advise on that except get an electrician in, cheers bud

  Stuartli 13:33 28 May 2007

My AMD Athlon XP 3200+ is showing 58 degrees C at present and the motherboard 43 degrees C.

The CPU's temperature rises by around a couple of degrees if it's warmer, but the temperature is well below its cutoff point of 70 degrees C set in the Bios and the 85 degrees C maximum in its specification.

These figures are with a giant Gigabyte cooling fan for the AMD being on its minimum setting for 99 per cent of the time; the case has plenty of room around it to allow good air flow inside.

thats whats puzzling me, i have taken off the akasa and tried the stock hsf just to test if my montitor readings were out, and it seems correct, im not worried about the temps more the effects the room temperature has on the overall temps in the case, basically do i have enough space in the case?

  SANTOS7 14:04 28 May 2007

If you don't have much space you could try round EIDE cables
click here
like the ones in the link, they will help generate a better airflow...

thanks santos7, sadly already done plus modular psu, it looks really neat and tidy just rather overfull.
i suppose it's just a case of see what temps the summer brings, i just wondered if anyone was going to post 'STOP i blew my pc up by doing that' etc as i have done with no advice totally trial and error!
thanks for the replies

  Stuartli 14:33 28 May 2007

The temperatures you have listed are nothing to worry about.

not the most successful day, coolmaster atx case dont know the model number, have no idea why im messing, i now dislike hp quite a bit.
the mobo has none standard screws, worked around!
the case fan isnt square, bought a new one!
the mobo usb etc connectors none standard, made a hole!
why the hell do i need 5 5.25" bays?
got the whole thing botched together, final touch drop the graphics card in and... it's an inch too long!
...because it has 5 x 5.25 bays!
it was slight warmer using onboard graphics!
the front fan fits in my compaq case
so does my grx card
and i dont have to move the window!
so it's taken me 5 hours to fit a front case fan!!

so, if anyone would like an atx case, slight damage done by trainer launching down the garden, please feel free to pm me.
and if it aint broken............

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