Polls, Polls, Polls, Do we need them?

  billyliv 00:25 06 Feb 2003

Hi, Once again I will take these Polls to task. How can 34.1% of voters say that the biggest issue in computing is 'Broadband Internet Access' When only 8% actually use broadband?. To those who do not use broadband, get with it, get wise and get rid of telephone charges. Surely the biggest bugbear in computing today is the lack of customer services and companies who make it so difficult for customers to contact them.
Take Care, Bill

  User-312386 00:32 06 Feb 2003

Erm thats 34% so far of the votes so far!

not 8% of broadband users


  billyliv 00:57 06 Feb 2003

Hi madboy33, According to my calculations then, 1-7th of a broadband user has voted. Cheers, Bill

  DieSse 01:51 06 Feb 2003

They're a small price to pay for the facility PCA provide free of charge.

But the available options often seem poorly chosen - still, we can only hope they know what they want to find out!!

  Djohn 02:17 06 Feb 2003

Or, find out what they want to know!

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