Police Central e-crime Unit (PCEU) ransomware removal

  gerryp25 23:11 06 May 2013

Hi, went on my netbook at the weekend don't usually use it and found this nasty beast of (virus, malware )?. Has anyone any idea how to get rid of it. I looked on Google and Youtube and some of the repairs were beyond my ability. I have run Avast and Malwarebytes anti malware which don't get rid of it. Any help please

  Bob Exeter 09:02 07 May 2013

Same old problem.

System restore to an earlier date is the solution.

Turn off the internet connection.

Start the rig and press F8 new screen follow to set my computer to an earlier time or words to that effect. Use the NSEW [arrow keys] keys on the key board to attain this press enter and merely wait and then allocate the date prior to this incident.

When completed employ a full anti virus and malware programmes and you should be clear.

Bob Exeter.

  onthelimit1 10:51 07 May 2013

I've had no luck with System Restore with this virus - the only way I was able to shift it was with a bootable Kaspersky rescue disc. However, there do seem to be several variants of the bug, some of which can be removes with SR, so it's worth a try first.

  gerryp25 21:41 07 May 2013

Hi guys thanks for the interest, I have finished up by using recovery manager and sent it back to factory default settings, there was nothing on it of importance so I cut my losses and got rid of the malware this way. Lucky for me I don't usually use it but if it was my main computer I would be devastated. Thanks for replying

  onthelimit1 08:50 08 May 2013

This sort of incident does highlight the benefit of maintaining a backup if there are important files on a computer.

  T0SH 21:44 09 May 2013

The best way I have found to deal with this infection is to remove the drive from the infected machine, fit it into a suitable usb caddie ,then connect it to a clean machine with an updated copy of Malwarebytes installed , cancel any autorun, after the found new hardware installs drivers , use open or explore to list all the drives , identify the infected drive, use the right mouse click to select "Scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware"

It will take quite a long time to do a full scan but you do not have to watch it ,when it is done choose the remove option ,once it is done re-fit the drive it will boot up as normal with no PCEU pop up screens

Cheers HC

  sevenfarn 10:42 25 Jul 2013

If people are reading now, I have suffered the new version of this malware. It is very damaging. It now blocks the safe mode completely. After scanning my hard disk in the slave mode, window can no longer start normally. It said the system is impaired. Instead of opening the locked screen, it has been bounced into the log in screen. However, I have never set a log in password for the home use vista. I don't know whether it is the operating system got damaged or the virus is still around? Any help please?

  Boyzer 22:46 29 Sep 2013

sevenfarn, Hitmanpro (mentioned above by Jock1e) is still good advice. You will need to create separate bootable drive, here is an instruction on how to create it: click here

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