Pointing domain name to new web site...help!

  nick_j007 22:38 23 Oct 2005

I have just realised that this needs action within 24 hrs or so, and am baffled as to what to do. I have a (new) basic home package with 1&1, but currently hold a simple business page and my domain name with Easyspace.
I have a copy of NOF 8 which I shall work on to get a nice looking site as time progresses.
I have an email from 1&1, and the part I am unclear upon is pasted below.

Are you able to put in plain English what I am to do next please?....Here is the email excerpt.

"Dear Nick Jones,

A DNS transfer of your alphadogbehaviour.co.uk domain to your 1&1 web space had been

The necessary adjustment of the name servers has not yet taken place. The
nameservers for your domain are:

DNS1: ns1.easypost.com
DNS2: ns3.easypost.com
DNS3: not set
DNS4: not set

Thus your website hosted on our server cannot be reached under the above
domain name yet. In addition, the e-mail accounts included in your package
cannot be enabled yet.

If you would still like to link alphadogbehaviour.co.uk to your website hosted on our
server, please enter the following name servers with your registrar by
October 25, 2005 at 06:16:00 PM:

DNS1: ns33.1and1.co.uk
DNS2: ns34.1and1.co.uk

Warning: At that time, if no further action is taken, we will remove the
alphadogbehaviour.co.uk domain from our systems. Removing the domain from our system
means that your website hosted on our server can no longer be reached by
your domain alphadogbehaviour.co.uk. Furthermore, any changes made up to this point
to your e-mail account and subdomains will be deleted.

If you want to point your domain to your website on our server only after
October 25, 2005 at 06:16:00 PM, you can newly specify this configuration on the Control
Panel and enter the name servers specified there with your registrar".



  AndySD 23:59 23 Oct 2005


Are you moving your site over to 1&1 totally or keeping the site on easyspace?

A little help translating.

Easyspace registered your domain name (alphadogbehaviour.co.uk) so at the moment the wes name servers (the ones that turn alphadogbehaviour.co.uk into an IP address) send all requests for alphadogbehaviour.co.uk to easyspace. What you need to do is to go to the Easyspace website log in to your control panel and change the nameservers to

DNS1: ns1.easypost.com

DNS2: ns3.easypost.com


Transfer the domain registration to 1&1 you can do this in the 1&1 control panel (under domains)

  nick_j007 00:12 24 Oct 2005

Hi AndySD,

I am wanting to move my site totally to 1&1 (although I have only ever had a basic business card type page).

I have been trawling through Easyspace web site on my control panel. I have been following the links to what I believe is the correct place (updating name servers), and I am having to stop being told there is an over-load of sorts.

Mind you, I've picked up the fact that I have to pay £49 exc.VAT for the privilege (and I assume this is per domain name...I have two I wish to move).
I am feeling a little foolish, as I would have been as well to stay with Easyspace and and save that £50/£100!? That's irksome.
Now I have NOF 8, am I as well to use that and indeed stick with Easyspace and save those transfer fees?

Sorry to divert this onto another question, but it seems to be flowing in this manner!

Are you also saying that I can do the same transfer though with 1&1 control panel? Would Easyspace allow that?

Oh for an easy life eh!

I shall be here for a short while, then logging in again when I wake up Monday.

Many thanks,


  Forum Editor 00:26 24 Oct 2005

from one web host to another you must send a request to your existing host company, asking it to retag the domain name to the new host.

Each web host will have what's called an IPS Tag - which is the locator that tells the DNS servers where the domain name is hosted. Once your old host has retagged the domain the new host can initiate the move. 1&1 has the IPS Tag: SCHLUND and you must tell your existing host to retag your domain name accordingly. You must also order the transfer via your 1&1 control panel.

Any site that is currently published to the Easyspace server will vanish when the move takes place, so you must archive it first, and then re-publish it to your 1&1 space. There will be a delay of around 24 hours before it's visible on the internet - this is so the DNS servers around the world can propagate the new location to their databases.

  nick_j007 16:55 25 Oct 2005

Well it would appear that I shall need to pay Easyspace nearly £50 for the moving of my domain names from Easyspace to 1&1 (x2 = £100).
I am still unclear if have to move them completely and incur this fee, or just point to them thus saving the £100. And indeed how to do it.

If I sound unclear, it's because I am! Sorry.

IF I need to pay this £100, I may as well take the Platinum service from Easyspace at £85 p.annum who tell me I can use NOF8 which I now have here, and would like to work with to supply my own site. Also to plead for a refund from 1&1.

Will look at my Easyspace Control Panel again now.



  nick_j007 17:50 25 Oct 2005

£50 per domain if you wish to MOVE the domain name, I am just pointing so no costs involved.
Finally found the right steps to do this on Easyspace site.
I have made the necessary changes, so I believe I'm back on track now.

Now I really do need to crack on with my new web site, as I assume the old web page with Easyspace will go 'dead' once these changes take place.

I wish this was easier, been online now trying to make sense of this since 2pm 'ish. In the end the actual process was all of five minutes.

Back to grouting the bathroom. Or do I open a beer and sit down? More decisions...I'll seek advice in the main forum ;-)


  mco 18:56 25 Oct 2005

You open a beer and do your NOF training at the same time - I find I do my best work like that! Seriously though, good luck - the penny is just ever so slowly beginning to drop for me with NET objects and I think I made the right choice.

  spuds 19:27 26 Oct 2005

I assumed the domain title was the one mentioned above. On checking out this domain, I was greeted with a very strict Error message:

Error 403: FORBIDDEN!
The server understood the request,but is refusing to fulfill it. Authorization will not help and the request SHOULD NOT be repeated.

What's all that about!!.

  nick_j007 23:42 28 Oct 2005

Yes, it seems that it is now pointing to my 'new' hosting company 1&1.
But...you guessed it, I am still putting the site together!
I have knocked up a temporary site using the web builder wizard, but need to complete some pages text-wise. I shall put that up whilst I work on NOF 8.

I saw that message myself tonight, and agree it is over bearing...quite off putting if you were looking for my site, so I need to stick my new one up ASAP really.

I did repeat the request a few times just to be really naughty!

Regards, and have I thanked you all so far?


  mco 23:55 28 Oct 2005

I'll go and 'repeat my request' too then eh?! Maybe that will spur on to stick your temporary webbuilder site up asap!!

  Forum Editor 09:03 29 Oct 2005

simply upload a temporary index.html page - telling visitors that your site is undergoing maintenance/redesign, and asking them to call back later?

It would take 5 minutes, and would get rid of that awful error page.

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