Pointer to info on Routers please

  Rauf 22:39 24 Apr 2003


Can anyone point me in the direction of a good couple of sites that explain about routers and the benefits etc.

Basically I have broadband access and am wondering whether putting a router in betwen me and the web/net would be a good thing or not.

At the moment its just my pc but I would at some point like to wifi with my two young boys PC and allow them to use the same access etc.

Any help appreciated.


  fitshase 23:20 24 Apr 2003

I've got broadband in (Blueyonder) and use a wireless router to network my desktop and laptop together.

Some advantages of having a router are as follows:-

(1) Any networked computer attached to the router can access the internet without having to have any other machine on.

(2) Normally routers have a good built-in firewall (which is a must for broadband) to stop unwanted snooping.

(3) A wireless (or Wi-Fi) router can also act as an access point for the wireless pc's which will link them to the pc linked by cable to the router (e.g., my desktop is linked by a network cable to the router. The laptop uses the wireless router to access the desktop computer).

(4) Some routers have a built-in print server so you can share a printer over the network meaning that anyone can print without having to have a computer switched on attached to the printer.

(5) It's easy to add more computers to the network as the router will assign it an IP address and should (in theory) be simple to set up.

I'm sure there are many more advantages. I do not know of any sites but a lot of people on this site have routers and a fair few have gone down the wi-fi route so I'm sure there will be more postings.



p.s. the router I have for the Broadband and wireless networking is the Netgear FM114P. It's a good piece of kit. Easy to set up.

When you are looking to buy any more kit (router, wi-fi cards, etc.) post on the helproom and there will be a lot of recommendations for you.

  John-259217 23:27 24 Apr 2003

A WiFi Router will connect to your BB conection and appear as one computer to the rest of the Internet. This makes setup for more than one machine easier and it also provides an effective way to implement a firewall. It has the advantage of allowing any of the PC`s to access the internet without the others needing to be on first. Most WiFi routers offer several 10/100 ethernet connecters allowing you to hardwire one or more systems saving the expense of one wireless card at least. It will act as a network switch for traffic between computers and printers connected to them as well. Back on the firewall subject I have used several different test sites for computer security which show the same result for the router only as they do with either Norton 2003 or Zone Alarm enabled,so a good thing all round in my opinion.Check out previous threads on networking using the search for some good general sites on setting up networks.

  BBez 23:28 24 Apr 2003
  BBez 23:30 24 Apr 2003

printable version:

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  Rauf 20:29 26 Apr 2003

Big thanks to fitshase, m73John & BBez for all your really good info - plenty to think about (and save up for! LOL)

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