pointer freezing problem with Acer laptop

  palinka 12:01 04 Mar 2006

I started a thread about this problem a couple of years ago, but we were unable to resolve it then & she decided to live with it.
My friend's Acer Aspire 1310 is driving us both mad; the problem has existed from new but now seems worse than ever. It "freezes" on numerous occasions - particularly when she disconnects from her dial-up connection; but also today when I changed the sensitivity settings of her touchpad. I tried to test the new setting and found it had frozen.
These are just 2 examples of the occasions of "freeze" - occasions now seem fairly random.
NOTHING works on a freeze of this kind; we've tried ctrl/alt/del and also F1.
In the end the only thing to do is disconnect (either from mains power or remove the battery)
then reconnect.
I've just finished uninstall/reinstall of AVG; and the same of Spybot. I ran a2 yesterday and it detected various cookies which it removed. So as far as I know the system is "clean".
It is just so frustrating.
Has anyone any suggestions, please?

  palinka 22:35 05 Mar 2006


  skidzy 22:44 05 Mar 2006

Try running ewido click here
Also try this click here
Have you tested the ram,maybe try memtest click here

  De Marcus™ 22:45 05 Mar 2006

That's a long time to 'live' with a problem.

Is the touchpad using it's own software at startup or is windows in charge?

  SANTOS7 22:45 05 Mar 2006

If the problem existed from new it may well be the touchpad is faulty, have you tried a usb/serial mouse click here

  palinka 23:13 05 Mar 2006

thank you for those suggestions. Yes, ran ewido yesterday and all clean. I'll try the other links, skidzy, when I have the laptop back here again.
De Marcus™, I'm not sure what you mean about using its own software, etc; how can I find out which it is using? I'd never thought of the touchpad as a potential problem; I'll suggest that to her - she could borrow the mouse I use on my own (identical) Acer.

  De Marcus™ 23:26 05 Mar 2006

Is there an icon in the system tray that resembles the touchpad? It may offer up an information ballon along the lines of synapsis v.x.x.

  palinka 09:21 06 Mar 2006

thanks De Marcus™, i'll check later. Have to go out now.

  namtas 09:35 06 Mar 2006

I could think of at least a dozen cases as to why a mouse would stall, usually it happens when thier is a abnormal memory call, which zaps the mouse.

Is their any other noticible problems.

. Have you any modem problems or problem conecting to the internet?

• Memory: You didn't say how much memory is installed in the computer. But if a computer doesn't have enough, it can (literally) put the mouse operation on hold while it completes other work.

• Static electricity: Especially in the winter months, static electricity can cause a mouse to stall, start working again and stall. If that's the case, it really isn't the rebooting that makes the mouse work again. It's just a coincidence.

• Usual suspects: Have you installed a new program, added a new device or made other significant changes? When a new problem crops up, you can usually find the cause in recent changes.

. Have you tried a different mouse?

  palinka 18:22 14 Mar 2006

sorry about the long silence; been busy.
namtas, it's not a mouse problem, she's never used a mouse.
I'm now very busy and haven't time to test things out, but thank you all for your suggestions.
She's decided to take it to our local computer shop. Previously she's taken it back to another shop where she bought this laptop, but they've never found any solution.
I'll tick Resolved for now and let you know any outcome.

  palinka 18:26 14 Mar 2006

One final point: the other annoying thing about this laptop is that it is the identical model & spec to my own; bought from same place around the same time. Mine has never ahd these problems (or any others). It seems that her's was a friday afternoon job.

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