Pocketop PDA infrared keyboard

  LinH 14:29 30 Jan 2004

I recently bought one of these natty little keyboards from PC World to go with my iPAQ h1940 PDA. Wonderful, you can carry the whole lot round in your pocket. It's perfect except for one small detail, I can't get it to work! The cd that came with it does not have any drivers for the 19xx series on it.

Pocketop, the Canadian company that manufactures the device, despite stating that it fully supports my PDA model, doesn't answer customer support email queries. It is possible to download updated drivers from their website but only if you are prepared to pay for them.

Compaq, on the other hand said that the 19xx series does not support infrared keyboards, only keyboards via a serial port (despite there being an infrared receiver on the side of the PDA. Has anyone heard of a serial port on a handheld, am I missing something somewhere? I've tried other drivers but all I get is a message on the screen saying: 'cannot open com port'

So, Pocketop won't help, PC World can't help and Compaq say it's not possible. Altogether a bit of a pigs ear really. Before I take it back for a refund, has anyone got any ideas or comments?

Thanks in advance.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:40 30 Jan 2004

Time for a refund I think.

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