PNY Gforce 4 card installed-but still need help

  User-43490E8D-8D06-4173-B28C3076410EAFC2 22:45 27 Jan 2003

I recently installed an AGP 440mx card and it works fine with my games, but i'm having problems with my computer hanging on me when I start various programs or try accessing certain web pages(bizarly the nvidia drivers page).

I'm running on windows 98 and the only way I can stop it hanging is to turn the graphics acceleration to minimum in the system window. I dont really want to do this and still live in fear of it hanging again.

What am I doing wrong?

  PªūĽ ™ ♂ 23:05 27 Jan 2003

What drivers are you using for the graphics card ? Did you fully uninstall the old graphics cards drivers ?

I'm getting really confused with the diffrent drivers. I maybe did'nt remove the original properly Whats the best way to make sure I have?

The driver im using is the one which came packaged with the card I should also mention My motherboard's integrated chip.

How do you disable it properly? i'm not sure of this either , although it says there are no hardware conflicts.

Can anyone run me through the full process of installing an AGP using win98 because I dont know where ive gone wrong?

  Giggle n' Bits 01:20 28 Jan 2003

AGP x2 or x4 etc ?
Set the VGA to AGP not PCI in BIOS ?
Do not enable Fast Write for AGP in BIOS ?
Do not use the latest Driver from Nvidia knock it back 1 or 2, & make sure the AGP Cards driver extention is as the newer replacement driver.
Antilising, etc switch on

Which Motherboard and CPU do you have if known, maybe the AGP is not a compatible match from M/baord-VGA AGP Card ?

I recently found a ASUS MX440 not compatible with the AGP and VIA Chipset driver, Crash, Hang major disruption.

Check there is good ventelation/cooling in the Case if with a AMD Athlon, check the AGP Cards fan if fitted is spinning and make sure there arn't any other PCI card close to AGP Card.

Hope you haven't snapped of the extended AGP piece on the card if there is one.

Who's the Manufac of this card and a bit more detail like Model No, AGP x...

Did you remove fully ther older Graphics Card ?

  Giggle n' Bits 01:24 28 Jan 2003

you mention intergrated chip. IF you have a VGA intergrated Chip its likly that this is not possbile to be dissabled. Only way wuld be by a jumper on board if it was.

If you right click on My Computer and select Properties then Device manager, what do you see in there especially against the Display line.

Any Yellow Exclamation Marks ?


the mainboard is pcchips266 M810series,v5.0. and it's got a 4xAGP slot so thats not a problem.

The card is a PNY verto gforce mx440 AGP card and appears to be fine (no damage). There are no PCI cards near it but there is an AMR slot with a card in it. Also because of the design of the card it's upside down (is this normal)

I cant find anything on their site about compatibility

When I get a game to work they are accelerated graphics, only problem is computer hanging very often during applications and games.

My Bios does'nt have half the settings you mention, how do I update this? If I cant configure these do you think that could be the problem?

Does anyone think it would be worth my while taking it to a specialist as I am a total amateur?

Any feed back is much appreciated.Thanks.

  dean_e_boy 13:01 31 Jan 2003

I also have this motherboard and am thinking about a installing a graphics card. The PC-Chips site has recommends only installing cards they've tested. Their List is here:click here

This is quite limited, so I would be interested to here if anyone has a cheap graphics card working on a M810 that is not on this list and has a TV Out.

Good news dean, I got it to work with no probs.

I took the card out again and uninstalled all but one of the drivers I had downloaded and then booted my Comp up again.

When it started up I then removed the sis display device in the system window and it told me to restart my computer.

Instead I switched it of and put the card back in the agp slot and reinstalled the driver I kept and hey no problemo it works :D

p.s. I know my computer speak is pish ,sorry

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