Plz..Shall I partition my 500GB H.D or not ?!!

  sassoodi 21:24 30 Jan 2009

Guys plz help me deciding this matter..AM totally confused!!

Am going to Format my H.D as soon as i get the answer..

I will be installing VISTA on a 500GB H.D (SATA)
(Plz be noted that i have also another 200GB H.D installed internally and i use it as a backup one)

My question is:

1. Shall I partition My 500 GB or Not?
2. If many drive shall i make and whats the size of each one?

My System :

Intel Core 2 CPU [email protected] 2.4GHz
Memory 2 GB DDR 2

  Technotiger 21:26 30 Jan 2009


  Danoh 23:04 30 Jan 2009

Sorry Technotiger, but for me its a yes.

Just keep one separate C: partition for Vista and all your programs and set the 2nd D: as a data partition.
Sure helps if/when you re-install Vista-etc or better still, restoring from a backup image of your C: partition.

Some people do go a bit crazy in my opinion and have many separate data partitions.

I note that some laptop manufacturers are now offering a standard option to have 2 partitions on one hard drive on the 1st boot up of a new machine.
That, I truly applaud.

As to the specific size of the C: partition, it is most space efficient if you keep it below 32Gb. But frankly speaking, as you also have a second hard drive and the main is 500Gb, I won't stress-out on that efficiency either and go for circa 96Gb or less.

  Snec 23:13 30 Jan 2009

I agree with Danoh.

  cream. 23:22 30 Jan 2009


  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:26 30 Jan 2009

People who partition are true Luddites. Use an external drive or a 16Gb flash drive to back up your documents and if you spend £12 you can have Acronis which will do it for you. This will save your life one day. All info on one HD = dumb


  cream. 23:34 30 Jan 2009

Acronis make partition software as well as backup.

Bunch of luddites?


A partition is great for a seperate backup of important data. It is also usefull for trying different operating systems. Windows 7 beta is a case in point.

  Danoh 23:38 30 Jan 2009

"Bunch of luddites?" LOL! Chill-pill :-)

  beeuuem 00:03 31 Jan 2009

I'm a Luddite with a 20Gb partition for XP and programmes, all the rest for data and TI to back up to the 2nd HDD.
If, as with the latest Net Framework 3.5 update, the XP installation is messed up I can restore it in 3 minutes. I suspect that if I were to have to restore the complete OS and all the data it might just take a little bit longer both to backup and restore.

  Stuartli 00:11 31 Jan 2009

But surely if you clone your system's hard drive to an external drive and use a separate partition for backups, you are covered all ways i.e. using two hard drives...:-)

By the way, my XP Pro installation wasn't "messed up" with the latest .NET Framework 3.5 update.....

  tullie 06:00 31 Jan 2009

I agree with Gandalf and Technotiger,whats the point?

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