Plz Recommend Download Manager 4 MPG,WMV. DAP Prob

  [email protected]!nD 11:06 15 Apr 2003

Hey fellow PC Advisorites.

My Computer Spec is P!!! 800Mhz Windows Me 384 SDRAM, 56k

I currently use DAP for my downloads and well recently some of the MPEGS and WMVs I seem to download of the Internet dont seem to work. I tired Windows Media Player 9 and it said that the file is corrupt, but then when I try to download it off another manager such as Netpumper the file works well.

So I was hoping if some of you guys could recommend a download manager apart from DAP or help me understand why DAP sometime seems to download a corrupted file.

If you are recommending a download manager I would appreciate if you could recommend one which for instance speeds up downloads by splitting the file up like DAP, however I fear that is one of the reasons why the files get corrupted. Also if the download manager allows you to preview the file whilst downloading that would be great so that I could check if the file will work. However I understand that download managers which split files up are unable to probably offer that. Another thing hopefully the download manager would not hog the bandwith with spyware and also preferably able to contain the downloads within the manager as in not have a seperate window for the download.

Any recommendations are welcome. Thanks.

Please keep in mind that I am on 56k and would like a download manager which maximises my bandwith and at the same time does not corrupt files.


  [email protected]!nD 11:36 15 Apr 2003

Come on someone plz help

  MAJ 11:43 15 Apr 2003

I don't know if fulfils all your requirements, [email protected]!nD, but Fresh Download click here has always worked flawlessly for me. I haven't needed to use a download manager in a while as I no longer need to download huge files, so I can't remember all it's intricacies or foibles, but I'm sure it doesn't contain any spyware at least.

  Bacon & Eggs 12:03 15 Apr 2003

I can also vouch for Fresh Download, it works well and Ad-aware assures me there is no spyware in it.

Only problem is that if you set it to automatically act as the download manager it can interfere with to working of some web pages - particularly webmail programs that work on '.exe's.

Otherwise look on click here or webattack click here for ideas...

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