cherds 16:59 21 May 2008

In the morning my net was working fine.. afternon suddenly it became slow, none of the webpages were loading.. but the internet speed is bein shown as 252kbps..i connected my lap at the same connection and on dat the net is working fine.. what could hav happend 2 my pc suddenly n what cani do??

  The Kestrel 17:06 21 May 2008

Have you scanned with your antivirus and spywear programs? What operating system are you using? Youy can usually use your OS to check for internet connection problems.

  Diemmess 17:09 21 May 2008

A simple routine which can repay your patience at moments of despair.

Come out and off the net completely.
Reboot if you want to be certain of a fresh start.

If it works and it sometimes does, it saves a lot of fretting.

This sort of seizure happens occasionally and when you booted from your laptop, it at least was starting from scratch.

  ^wave^ 17:23 21 May 2008

who is your isp

  rawprawn 17:30 21 May 2008

click here download and run CCleaner and see if that helps

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