Plusnet ADSL change to Fibre problem.

  olyman 11:28 23 Jan 2015

I have just changed from ADSL to fibre.The ADSL connection was connected via a convenient phone extension to my PC. The master socket is in another room and would have involved drilling through two thick walls and a long ethernet cable to connect my PC to the proposed new master socket. The OpenReach engineer said it would be OK to connect his modem to the extension I currently use without changing the socket which is what he did. After some problems I eventually got connected (the PlusNet instructions didn't cover the intallation fully) My query concerns the poor download speeds I am now obtaining. They are approx half the 12Mbs I was getting prior to the change, not the 20 plus I was expecting. Can I expect this to improve with DLM? It seems to have settled to a depressing 6.3Mbs but it is early days. I lost my connection for a while and reset the browser and changed the ethernet cable to my PC. I did get back on line but not immediately. Windows diagnostics had suggested a cable connection fault. I wonder if there might be a problem with the router. Should I just wait for things to settle down? In retrospect I think I should have had the master socket changed and used HomePlug to connect to my PC. I already have a HomePlug connection for my smart TV.

  LastChip 11:45 23 Jan 2015

I wouldn't leave it. It's not right and in fact when I had fibre connected, the BT engineer said there was a fault on the line and in fact swapped lines twice, as the first alternative he tried was also faulty.

When he was finally satisfied, not only had he checked the connection at the box (and knew the download speed there), when I connected my own router (I built), he was amazed not only that it worked, but at how fast it was and how little drop there was between my home and the outside connection box.

Clearly from what you describe, you have a problem and it needs to be sorted out.

  olyman 20:56 24 Jan 2015

Thanks Last Chip. I'll go back to PlusNet and try and get the master socket changed. PlusNet support did a remote line check yesterday and this is what was said "it looks like the sync rate has been dragged right down due to your connection being really intermittent" . This intermittent connection was apparent before and after the change to fibre but apart from an occasional lost connection I hadn't noticed it ( he sent a graphic showing very brief breaks ). As a trial I am now using the HomePlug from my TV and plugging the modem direct to the old main socket to see if my extension had been the problem. The download speed did increase by 1Mbps but at just over 7Mbps well below the 12Mbps I had been getting on ADSL. The HomePlug I'm using is an old Class 1 Specification which I'll be replacing by a faster set. I hadn't realised that the 85Mbps Spec wasn't anything like attainable and possibly resulting in th rather poor iPlayer reception on the TV. I have been busy checking on HomePlug set up! One last thing, could the PC network controller be a possible source of the problem?

  rdave13 23:15 24 Jan 2015

I would never allow a modem to be connected to an extension. Modem connected to the master socket and modem to to router. PCs etc connected via wireless.

  BillSers 04:04 25 Jan 2015

Plusnet use BT and contractor engineers (I think). I had a contractor once who was more than useless but when I upped to fibre optic the BT engineer was brilliant.

  alanrwood 10:59 25 Jan 2015

Connect it to the master socket and see what happens. My guess is that it is where your problem lies.

  olyman 15:31 31 Jan 2015

Just to close the discussion and thank you for the posts. Openreach found a problem with the master socket and installed a new one. Their line check then showed a good potential connection speed. I plugged the router to the new socket but using Homeplug to connect the PC. I found no improvement though Plusnet had upgraded their limit to 40 Mbps. I finally bit the bullet, bought a 14mm SDS drill bit and a long ethernet cable and dispensed with the Homeplug. I'm happy to say I now get 25/27 Mbps compared with the 31 Mbps that Openreach reported from their check. I have reinstated the Homeplug TV connection, now in the same room, and am getting un-buffered iPlayer reception!

  olyman 10:54 16 Feb 2015

A final comment. I borrowed a couple of 500Mbps homeplugs just as an experiment to connect my PC. They gave the same 26 Mps as the direct connection so I could have saved the bother of a installing a direct connection. Be warned, don't use so called 86 Mbps homeplugs for a fast connection.

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