Plugging wrong power supply to external hard drive

  natsuandhappy 02:08 24 May 2009


i'm new in this forum, so i didn't know whether this topic has been posted before or not.

yesterday, i accidentally plugging the wrong power supply (19V 2.1A) to my toshiba 1gb external hard drive (12V 2A).

when i plugged in the right power supply, the LED on the hard drive keep on blinking, but it is not detected in my PC.

so, i would like to know whether any of you has any suggestions, or any ideas whether my drive is dead or it is just damaging my usb enclosure.

thanks alots in advance.

  User-1229748 02:20 24 May 2009

a similar scenario here :o(click here

  gazzaho 02:50 24 May 2009

I'm betting the power circuits in the drive enclosure are fried, if not the drive itself.

Before you consider binning the drive I would remove it from the enclosure, this may be relatively easy or hard depending on the enclosure and will void any warranty, but as you've fried the drive I'm guessing the warranty is void anyway.

You can then install it internally using the appropriate connections IDE/SATA depending on what the actual drive is, if it's a fairly new drive chances are it's a SATA. If it works you can leave it as an internal (it will work faster) or opt to buy a drive enclosure for around £15 and use it externally.

I had 2 Freecom 250GB drives fail a year or so ago and they now work in Icybox enclosures.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:26 24 May 2009

19v instead of 12v - you will have fried the power supply for the IDE/SATA to USB adaptor, it is most likely that the drive and the data it contains is OK.

So removing the drive and fitting internally or into another enclosure will retrieve the data.

  natsuandhappy 19:32 24 May 2009

i bought a new enclosure, but still not working, so i suspect the drive is damaged. is there any way to repair it? because my drive is 1tb, so there are alots of data in there (which is mostly videos).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:43 24 May 2009

can you hear / feel the drive spinning?

  natsuandhappy 22:36 24 May 2009

no, the drive doesn't spin at all, but the led of the enclosure is blinking.

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