Plugged in USB, PC turned off, no won't boot-HELP!

  buel 13:40 02 Feb 2014

Hi, I have just tried a new DVD writer in my Dell desktop PC. It turned both the monitor and PC off, I unplugged it, they started up, I plugged it back in and they both went off again. I then unplugged it for the final time and now when I turn the PC on, the power light is yellow and the fan is on full blast but it doesn't boot. Please can I ask is the PC ruined or repairable?

  buel 13:41 02 Feb 2014

Oh and it is a Vostro PC and runs XP.

  buel 13:47 02 Feb 2014

one more thing, there is a scraping noise coming from the PC when it is turned on and the fans are on full blast. I would like a better word to describe it than tha, more like the noise a HD makes when it is on it's way out?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:57 02 Feb 2014

a new DVD writer in my Dell desktop PC is this an internal writer? sata or IDE connection?

or is it a USB connected DVD writer?

  buel 14:01 02 Feb 2014

Apologies, a USB connection. It had it's own power cable. Hope this helps?

  buel 14:01 02 Feb 2014

I have tried booting up with no USB connections but still get the same result.

  larchwoodmark 14:18 02 Feb 2014

i had something like this once,

when my mem card reader was 1st plugged in every thing died, no reboots helped or unplugging the device.

when i looked closely at the usb port i had used, a bent contact was found, shorting out the usb port. once straightened every thing worked fine


  buel 14:40 02 Feb 2014

Any ideas, Fruitbat, please?

  BRYNIT 14:55 02 Feb 2014

You could try turning computer off disconnect power cable. Hold the power on button in for about a minute. Plug power cable back in and turn computer on.

  buel 15:24 02 Feb 2014

Thanks but I've just tried that. Still yellow light and fans still on. Id love to know if this is terminal so I could stop panicking. :o(

  buel 15:28 02 Feb 2014

One thing I did notice was that there was a message pop up before the PC crashed saying something like the software has been installed (Im guessing that it installed automatically when the USB DVD writer was installed?).

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