Plug and Play configuration failed

  GBL 20:39 27 Feb 2005

I have just exchanged a hard drive in a spare PC and now as soon as I power up I get a message;-Plug and Play Configuration Failed, this is repeated three times followed by Press F1 to Continue etc..If I press F1 then it continues to boot up satisfactorily.
But what has caused this error message??
I have no idea what the Mainboard is and have no disk for it.

  groundhog 20:50 27 Feb 2005

I think you will find that this is a bios configeration problem

Reboot enter bios (On my PC I press the Delete key on Boot) your PC may be different.

When in bios find the HDD information or auto detect (depends on your bios)

On one PC I hit return when the HDD settings are high lighted & on another I auto detect the hard drive, when thats done save and exit bios

Best of luck

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