Pls help me or my boss will fire me.

  siliconbits 19:01 12 Jan 2003
  siliconbits 19:01 12 Jan 2003

Pls Pls Pls tell me if this is simply true bad luck or possibly an act of sabotage.

"On 2nd January 2003, two HDD 120Gb IBM 120GXP on SAME channel of a Silicon Tech RAID controller fail at the SAME time, effectively ruining the Mirror. On the 12th January 2003, the server components are BURNT by what seems to be excess voltage, the 450W Digitiuz PSU seems to be the cause. 2 remaining Hard disks (see above), system HDD (Maxtor), CPU (P4), Motherboard (Asus P4S), CD-ROM are out of irrecupable, probably with Memory and VC. Some say that the Input Voltage is OK but the Output voltage burnt everything.

The system is ON 24hr a day in an air-con room. A maximum of 4 people are connected to the server simultaneously and a MS SQL database driven Software runs on this server.

Am I undergoing sheer bad luck or can someone explain rationally why i should not think of this as a sabotage

  Taran 19:13 12 Jan 2003

I'm guessing you don't have the server locked down in terms of BIOS password access (to prevent harmful changes) and case locks to prevent physical abuse ?

I'm also guessing you don't have it security marked ?

Security marking is a little primitive, but under UV light it will still show whether something has been physically molested.

It could be simple bad luck and lots of it, or...

Without knowing the system before and after the problems, I don't think anyone in here can state anything other than an eductaed guess.



  Forum Editor 19:49 12 Jan 2003

we'll need to know a good deal more - such as who has access to the server room for instance.

Do you have any grounds for thinking that sabotage is involved - it's a pretty serious thing to contemplate.

Are you the server Adminstrator? Do all four users have equal permissions on the server?

  Forum Editor 19:52 12 Jan 2003

this isn't a software issue, however it happened it wasn't caused by a user on the network - a person would have needed physical access to the hardware.

How is the server supplied with power?

  HasH 19:53 12 Jan 2003

could it be a power surge?

  woodchip 19:57 12 Jan 2003

Sounds like you should have filtered power supply

  Edezine 20:07 12 Jan 2003

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  siliconbits 20:17 12 Jan 2003

Please ask all your questions and thanx beforehand for helping.

Prob is that I did not assemble it but rather chose the components which would fit the job. No case locks, no password bios access, no security marking.

Here is answer from storagereview...

click here > the max. they have there is 400W but I have the 450w version. Naively, I do think that most if not all 450w PSU's are manufactured by professionals. Anyway, only hi-end systems use that much power.

"check your security cameras" > we don't have any cams.

The whole system including tapes cost ~ USD 5K. The server room AIN'T LOCK ;-(

"If the system is a custom build" > It is one!!! I had to do it b.c of costs constraints. Buying one would have cost the firm like 7x more if 4 hours response time maintenance contracts are included. Moreover, I had the good idea of not only having RAID-1 but also spare parts for all components and 40Gb Tape back ups.

"experienced server manufacturer like IBM, Dell, HP" > Problem is that I live on an Island in Africa and as you might guess, it is VERY difficult to get that kind of support.

"Are all the HDs broken? Or do they just have IC damage?"
You know the famous "grinding song"??? The HDD are definitely F... up.

Also other prob is that I myself did not oversee the building up. I am a consultant and had to do some cost cutting. Now I am wandering whether ppl who have pushed forward expensive SCSI based systems from brand names have not sabotaged it. I've never seen such a string of probs. : Burnt CPU (yep burnt), burnt CDROM drive, Burnt HDD etc..

Can anyone tell me if it IS possible to such things or if only acts of God can do it.

  Forum Editor 20:25 12 Jan 2003

in the IT world, but it's not nearly as common as some people might think.

The faults you describe are certainly indicative of power problems, and again I ask 'How is the server supplied with power'? The damage to the CPU/CDROM and HDD all point to some pretty massive over-voltage. In the ten days that separated the incidents was anything done to investigate the cause of the 2 HDD's failing?

  Forum Editor 20:28 12 Jan 2003

as if the PSU delivered a hefty dose of over-voltage on two occasions, and I'm wondering why it wasn't swapped out when the first incident took place.

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