plok 20:22 04 Nov 2005

Can anyone tell me how to install a second hard-disk drive please? My computer runs on Windows Me. The second hard-disk is listed in the BIOS and shows on the POST start-up screens but I cannot find anyway to get it to appear when I click on "My computer". In Win Me there is no "Manage" like there is in XP. I have tried installing it as new hardware and as a plug & play device but with no success. It is a Maxter like the one already installed. Thank you.

  Meshuga 22:29 04 Nov 2005

Please put a descriptive explanation of your problem in the title box. The word plok conveys nothing to anyone.

  Carbonara 22:31 04 Nov 2005

Which is why it got no reply for 2 hours!

  Meshuga 22:32 04 Nov 2005

Precisely, Carbonara.

  ACOLYTE 22:43 04 Nov 2005

Well,instead of moaning about the post title perhaps helping him may be better.
If the HD shows in the bios, then its a good chance it just needs formating and a partition making and setting active,as i don't use ME i cant say if this is possible from within that OS.

  Skills 23:06 04 Nov 2005

Yes do you have a boot disk like a windows 98 start up floppy if not you can down load one from click here Id say get the windows 98 se oem version.

Ok you now need to boot with this disk so set your bios to boot from floppy first and put the disk in the drive. You going to need to use Fdisk to create a partion on the drive so heres a MS article about that click here be careful at this stage thou as you need to make sure you do this on the correct drive.

Fdisk only shows one disk at a time and you have an option at 5 to switch to other hard drives installed on the system. You'll most likely need to do this as it will read your primary hard drive first i think.

Yes about half way down the page it talks you through partioning and formating a slave hard drive

  Forum Editor 23:35 04 Nov 2005

Thanks for being objective. The point here is to try and offer help, rather than sniping at people about their thread title.

  Carbonara 01:30 05 Nov 2005

Forum Editor, it was Constructive Criticism no sniping on my part

  GaT7 02:31 05 Nov 2005

Sorry, yet another pointless email (if you're subscribing to this post), but I can sympathise, as that's similar to what I did when I made my first post at this forum : )).

Hope Skills post has solved it for you. G

  plok 12:41 05 Nov 2005

You mean you didn't get the gist of my problem from plok? Oh well. Thank you SKILLS. Fdisking did the trick and my apologies to those who don't know what plok means

  wee eddie 14:56 05 Nov 2005

Enlighten us!

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