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  Ronyap 19:18 08 Oct 2006


I have Microsoft Word Standard Edition 2003. Everything was working fine until recently. Its not a real type of problem but heres the pic:

click here

I never used to get this message. Why does this happen? How do I turn it off? On the computer as a whole, there are 3 accounts. On the other 2, this message does not appear. But on this one, it does. So, I guess it is nothing to do with files in Program File> Microsoft ofiice etc. It may be to do with this account as an individual, I dont know.

Any help on getting rid of this annoying thing will be very much appreciated ^^

  Jackcoms 19:21 08 Oct 2006

Why not let the configuration run its course?

  Pineman100 19:28 08 Oct 2006

Could this help?

click here

  skidzy 19:34 08 Oct 2006
  Ronyap 19:44 08 Oct 2006

Jackcoms, I dont mind if all three have the same problem, but 1 has it and the other 2 dont. So Im just thinking there might be something wrong, and I want to fix everything thats wrong :P

Um, Pineman, how do I go down? Coz when I scroll down, it scrolls the entire thing, instead of the one inside. Its kinda hidden and cut off. :S

Thanks Skidzy I have already been there ^^

  Ronyap 20:33 08 Oct 2006

Can anyone please just tell me how to scroll down? Thanks

  Ronyap 22:31 08 Oct 2006

Dont worry I just opened it in IE

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