Please! Transfer tape to CD with East CD Creator

  Duncanf 21:55 05 Mar 2003

Thought I had this cracked having produced a cd with 20 tracks! But there isn't sufficient amplification from stereo unit to sound card. I think I've put every dial at maximum on the screen settings. Any ideas, friends?

  powerless 22:03 05 Mar 2003

You need an amplifer between tape and sound card.

  Duncanf 22:03 05 Mar 2003

Sorry...should have been Easy CD creator!

  00edgarj 22:14 05 Mar 2003

The output from most cassette players is too small for most sound cards. Unless you have a super deluxe sound card with built in amplifier, you need to connect one between the cassette player and the PC. Try using either a left & right headphone output from the amplifier into the PC, or a specified "Line Out" from the amp - as I don't think the speaker connections will work if connected to your PC.

Hope that helps,


  redelf 00:21 06 Mar 2003

If the tape deck is from a separates system it should have plenty of amplification. I have recently converted 15 old cassettes to CD , using a Sony separates deck connected to a relatively old soundcard (SB Live 1024) and had no problems.
Are you sure the cables were connected properly ?You should be able to tell if there is enough sound by having your speakers switched on while recording to the soundcard; if you can hear it well enough through the speakers then the soundcard must be able to handle it. What type of tape deck are you using and how is it connected to the soundcard?

  Duncanf 00:27 07 Mar 2003

Thanks Redelf....sorry been away all day!
I was using a separate Sony cassette deck connecting from Line Out on recorder by 2 phono to mini jack cable which then connected to the Line In on the soundcard. I could hear the sound on the speakers but not at a volume that would be acceptable. The volume indicator on the Easy CD Creator screen went barely half way across the green area although I had put all the screen controls to max.

  redelf 00:43 07 Mar 2003

Your deck and cabling set-up sound ok (it is the same as mine which works) so I think the problem is elsewhere.
If you just play the tape through the soundcard (without trying to write to CD ) is the sound through the speakers ok then ? Check the volume control is properly set on you r control panel. If so, you may want to think about recording direct to your hard disk, saving the file , test playback, and if all ok then write to CD.
I don't know anything about EasyCDCreator so can't say if that is the problem, but I know I cannot copy direct from tape into Nero - I have to record to hard disk either via the soundcard , or using AudioCleaningLab software (which also records tape to the hard disk first)

  Duncanf 01:14 07 Mar 2003

Thanks again for response. Will try your suggestions when daylight returns!!!!
The tape deck is downstairs at the moment so I'd better not disturb the household!
Thanks again!

  stlucia 09:04 07 Mar 2003

Assuming you've sorted out your line-out to line-in connections, and have got all your volume control settings high enough, I remember someone else a few weeks back reporting that EasyCDCreator is best used only for burning the CD, nor for recording.

For recording I use the software which came with my sound card then, when I've got everything onto HDD and edited the way I want it, I burn it onto CD using EasyCDCreator.

  stlucia 09:28 07 Mar 2003

Sorry, should read ...NOT for recording.

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