Please take a look

  geoff47 15:50 24 Jan 2006

I have been very busy updating and tweaking my site and would like some critical appraisal.
It is obviously unfinished, but I would like some of your professional advice as to if it is going in the right direction.
And dont hold back...
Here is the link
click here
Many thanks

  ade.h 16:17 24 Jan 2006

Hi Geoff. Just a bit of tweaking needed now; the devil's in the details. Watch your image alt tags - they are defaults at the moment, so your viewers will see "abbie01 copy02" and things like that popping up.

Is the text maybe a bit too small? I could just about read it comfortably, but not everyone will find it okay. As I'm sure you know, accessibility is important. So too, is punctuation; pretty okay but just a few missing or misplaced commas. Just little things like that.

I like all the descriptive text; it gives a real feel for what the site is all about.

  PurplePenny 23:33 24 Jan 2006

Looking good. I agree about the text size -- I had to enlarge it a couple of times.

On the links page the two columns of text become misaligned when the text size is enlarged.

  geoff47 01:40 25 Jan 2006

I have been tweaking the text size.
Problem now is that after uploading the changes, it doesn't show up any larger.
I even deleted the site and uploaded again, but what I have on my PC is not what I am seeing online.
I am sure I am missing something in the program, just cant work it out.
Will update soon, or die trying...only joking of course.
Thanks again.

  geoff47 02:10 25 Jan 2006

But there is still a diference to what is on my PC.
I will overcome.
Thanks again.

  ade.h 16:01 25 Jan 2006

You're using NOF aren't you, Geoff?

You need to experiment with the type of text-size measurement for best results. The +/- system really doesn't work too well across platforms; the pixel, point and em systems work better. Play around with the different parameters and view it locally in all the major browsers (I keep four types of browser for this purpose).

  geoff47 01:38 26 Jan 2006

I am having major problems understanding the sizing of text in NOF8.
I changed the size on the home page yesterday, uploaded it, and was satisfied with the result.
Today I have gone through the site and altered all text sizes where I thought it needed it, uploaded "Changed Assets Only" and every thing is back to what it was before your comments.
So much to learn, I take my hat off to the people who can fly through this stuff.

Back to the drawing board.

  geoff47 01:56 27 Jan 2006

I have checked font size with IE, Crazy Browser and Firefox, and it appears that Firefox shows the font smaller than I wanted.
I will have to get some other browsers to check them out too.

  ade.h 13:29 27 Jan 2006

Firefox will tend to do that if you use a relative measurement (+/-). I find that points work well - the larger sizes in standard text boxes will appear slightly closer to the standard size of your body text once you view it in a browser, so allow for that when you're working in page view, but it is very consistent and tends to look the same across the main platforms.

  geoff47 23:46 27 Jan 2006

I have used the pt option to resize all text.
It appears to be better now.
To be honest I had not ventured off the default setting, not knowing what damage I could be doing.
It all practice, will try to be more adventurous.

  PurplePenny 14:25 28 Jan 2006

Unfortunately the main body text is no longer resizable in IE :-(

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