Please someone rate my redesigned site

  jg1990 18:28 21 Mar 2004

I have recently relaunced and redesignned my website. All I need now are people to rate it.

Could you please post you advice/comments.

Here is the site: click here

Many Thnaks


  Taran 19:56 21 Mar 2004

Six points to begin with, before I have a good look through the site:

1. Your mouseover effects on the navigation bar make the hyperlink text vanish altogether so you're left with a blank button. In effect, the navigation disappears. Not very inspirational.

2. On your examples page the images are far too small and of very poor quality. This does you no favours at all and if you want to sell your design/layout services you need to demonstrate that you can not only do the work to begin with but that you're capable of displaying it well.

3. I hope that the image you've used of the Mac is your own or at least is from a source that has given you permission to use it.

4. The bottom bar of the top panel [below the Broadlink text] is not showing on your examples page.

5. The layout jumps from page to page in that the image of the Mac and the actual page content scoots up and down the page depending on which page you click on to visit. You need to lock that down to ensure that every page shares a common layout with common elements in exactly the same place on every page.

6. You aren't clear whether you are offering your services as a web host, or whether you're offering to arrange hosting on the packages you detail. Reading the various packages offered it would be very easy to assume that you yourself are the web host and I think you should make that clear one way or another.

I like the overall layout and colour scheme. It shows a lot of work has gone into it and it has a great deal of promise. You should find someone to proof read the content though since you still have a few grammatical errors.

From your Home User Package page:

"Webmail—You can read your emails online using."

From your Business User Package page:

"It offers lar

ge space and amazing bandwidth."

That particular one is because of an invisible "to the naked eye" VIEW CHECKOUT element on the page that breaks up the text mid-line.

You're well on the right road though and overall it is heading in the right direction.

55Mb of websapce
75Mb of websapce

a couple of typo's and a formatting error on the business package page , other than that from what I can remember this is light years ahead of your previous incarnation, I'm impressed. Perhaps a little more detail on your company profile page might be a good idea. and in your web-design pages you make no mention of your skills , XML .asp etc.

  User-312386 20:31 21 Mar 2004

I am not good at web design to say the least.

However, if i looked at a company that was going to create a website for me, i would expect them to NOT have page movement when going from link to link on there own site. That would put me off straight away and i would not go back to that web designer.

However on a personal level i think the site is very good and i wish i could design sites looking so good

Just my humble opinion and please don't take it to heart because at the moment i have made some horible mistakes with my site that i am designing/bodging up.

I don't know why you've put my name at the top of that message!

  jgosden 21:37 21 Mar 2004

the site looks good BUT

i dislike the mouseovers its really annoying how they disappear,

what web skills do you have, asp , css, php, perl, xml etc?

what are the hosting packages you have very little infomation about the server, do you have your own server or are you using a different company,

the initial design is good but i would want to know a lot more infomation before purchasing from you.

  IClaudio 23:17 21 Mar 2004

...and *what* is she wearing on her head? ;)

  Forum Editor 23:20 21 Mar 2004

on the mouseovers - it's annoying and unprofessional to have the text vanishing like that. I share the opinions of the others in most cases, but some points might bear repeating.

It's very important to be clear about whether you're hosting on your own servers or not - don't allow a potential customer to gain the wrong impression, you'll fall foul of the distance selling regulations if you don't describe your services accurately.

I don't feel that you provide nearly enough information about your business or your capabilities. Your sample web design images are too small and are of poor quality.

The image of a G4 Mac is copyright-protected, and unless it's a picture of your own computer you must get a copyright licence from Apple if you want to use it.

The site is full of grammatical errors and that makes it look amateurish - get someone to proof-read and edit the text for readability.

Last, but by no means least - if I look at the site in the Mozilla Firefox browser only the homepage displays - clicking the nav links to other pages displays the HTML code in all its raw text glory.

  Taran 08:51 22 Mar 2004

I notice that your original site has a link to this latest version. If you click that link it loads into the content frame of giving a site within a site - is wrapped by the navigation structure of

Without wanting to sound unkind, a page layout that jumps around where the common elements shift position on every page will really turn people off. You need to get your head around templates or at least tables where common page elements can be controlled throughout the site to give it consistency.

The mistakes are common in early experiments in web design and may be acceptable on a personal home page but but they totally undermine this as a business site.

I still think you're on the right track but don't go hell for leather for bells and whistles. Special effects, mouseovers and all the rest of it are no substitute for clarity and consistency. I'd like to see where you take it - it certainly has the potential.

  Sir Radfordin 09:24 22 Mar 2004

This isn't just a One&One template is it? And what you are selling isn't just re-selling One&One webspace? Not that any of it is a problem just intested ;)

The part of the header that says "Professional internet services at affordable prices" is in a different font to everything else.

Would you not be better of beliving in the answer to a question and not the question itself?

For anything that is a 'small' company I would expect to see a couple of names on the site so I could know how I was dealing with. It's fairly easy to find out who is behind the domain but I'd still want to see names on the site.

The examples you have given only give slightly bigger images and it is hard to see what is going on. Real examples would be much more useful - at at least larger screen shots of real examples.

One your examples page there is a bottom blue bar missing from the menu - you have it on every other page.

If you are going to use the mouse overs on the buttons then at least make sure you can still see the text when you hover over the link.

There are elements that look good and the site could be developed and made to look better. If I were looking for someone to do some webdesign for me I would want to see more than this and something that stands out from the millions of others who do the same kind of work.

  tomleady 15:06 22 Mar 2004

the images on the Examples page are really quite poor. they need to be much bigger as well, and probably load in a defined window, so you cannot see the full file name.

also if you move between COmpany Profile and Services, the 'hosting packages' images moves. in fact, i think they are different on every page.

but i think generally it looks pretty smart. the major things that need changing are the top navigation, and to state clearly what you offer.


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