Please review my website I need advice!

  rwarrender 17:41 04 May 2004

Hi everyone,

I recently finished the redesign of my Palm OS5 software a href="click here" target="_blank">site /a>. Please can you have a look and tell me what you think. Does it look ok?

From Richard
click here

  rwarrender 17:44 04 May 2004

Sorry I haven't posted before, this is what I meant: -

Hi everyone,

I recently finished the redesign of my Palm OS5 software site. Please can you have a look and tell me what you think. Does it look ok? To view just click here

From Richard

  tomleady 10:09 05 May 2004

if someone views the site with a 800x600 resolution, they are going to have to scroll across. so you need to sort out your top links.

but generally it seems useful, and it looks good.

  rwarrender 12:51 05 May 2004

Thank you forum member. I'm a little surprised that you weren't fowarded on. The meta tag I used :- <meta http-equiv="refresh" CONTENT="2; url=click here"> works on the machines I tried. Any recommendations to fix it? My main page is on my CGI server - So I need this page to forward everyone on from the www. server. Use JavaScript as well as a meta tag?

I will sort out my meu bar tonight as well as the typo.

To be honest. I didn't directly intend my site to be viewed on a PDA. I had plans later but at the moment it was just for PC. So I better shrink the text!

My weblogs from my last site showed me that most people who used my site had a resolution of 1024x768. This was fine for me as I designed the site at that resolution on my 17" monitor. Which links did you find small? I used a CSS so it isn't much work to fix. I'll also experiment with text.

On the virus page, which part of the page had small text? The Latest 10 virus alerts?

Thanks for your advice - it has been an eye opener!

  PurplePenny 14:36 05 May 2004

Don't shrink the text ..... please! I *love* the main text size. It is *so* easy to read, no eyestrain, bliss :-)

I really like your site. Clean, clear, easy to navigate, easy on the eye.

My only niggle is the Amazon links on the home page, they detract from the layout. Could they go on an inside page?

Actually one other niggle ... very minor - Downloads and Weblinks on the top navigation are closer together than the others so it looks a tad odd.


  Forum Editor 18:04 05 May 2004

because you've pretty much got it right first time.

As Penny says, it's clean, clear, and easy to navigate. I found it interesting, and apart from the few minor niggles mentioned by the others I would leave it alone.

  rwarrender 18:22 05 May 2004

I'm pleased you all like it. I'll sort out the little niggles and give the homepage a redesign (the page with the Amazon links) but I will keep the font sizes the same. Thank you for helping me.

I would also like to know if I should keep the guestbook? I don't think many people sign guestbooks - professional sites like PC Advisor don't have one.

From Richard

  PurplePenny 18:52 05 May 2004

in the last couple of hours? If not then the spacing looks just fine in Opera 7.5 as well (I was using Opera 7.2 at work).

fourm member - not too many late nights .. too many days spent staring at a computer screen :-)


  PurplePenny 18:58 05 May 2004

The guestbook was a bit of a surprise, I didn't expect to find one on there.

I think from a purely practical point of view you'd be better off without it. If you keep it you will have to check it regularly for flames and inappropriate messages; a hobby site can get away with such things but they would have to be quashed very quickly on a professional site.


  rwarrender 19:04 05 May 2004

I haven't changed it yet! Guess it must just be Opera 7.2?!

I think I'll remove the guestbook - I've had it up a week and already I've had too many flames! Must be those Pocket PC owners ;) lol

From Richard

  rwarrender 06:59 06 May 2004

Ok, I've got rid of the Amazon images on my site and changed the layout amoung other things. How does it look?

From Richard

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