Please review my new site

  wiz33 14:47 25 Jun 2004

I just finished a new site and I would appreciate your comments.

click here

Thank you

  woodbexhill 16:12 25 Jun 2004

Main banner that spans from top right across the page looks as though it has been saved with too much compression, to me it looks too blurred and unprofessional. I personally feel the site would look better with a higher quality image at the top of the screen, you must also consider this is one of the first things visitors will see and so they will want to be impressed.

Apart from that, after a brief run through of the majority of the pages on the site I cannot actually see anything which I think needs changing.

You've certainly produced a very nice site there.

  Ben Avery 16:26 25 Jun 2004

...your menu bar doesn't work in Mozilla based browsers!

I use FireFox and the menu appears like this:

click here



  Forum Editor 19:36 25 Jun 2004

it left me feeling that I knew a fair bit about Lviv, and there was little else I wanted except for:-

1. A phonetic aid to pronouncing Lviv - there's nothing more likely to deter people than the thought of not knowing how to pronouncer the name of their destination. "Darling, how do your fancy a trip to ........errrrm, oh never mind, forget it".

2. A few images of the miles of gently rolling steppe. Fifty pictures of buildings in a city was a little over the top I felt. Maybe ten would be sufficient, and some of them might be of countryside and the duckponds and horse-drawn carts etc?

4. You mention the excellent fresh food, but you don't go into detail. Ukraine is a totally new destination as far as most people will be concerned, and UK residents are still fairly conservative when it comes to ethnic cuisine. The fricasee of wild Ox kidneys in goats milk may be excellent and fresh, but may not appeal to everyone - perhaps a few words about local dishes would be appropriate?

I liked the site - you've put in a lot of hard work, and it shows.

  phil 20:09 25 Jun 2004


After spending all week finalising a deal worth half a mill to send wheelchair parts to Lviv I come on here and see the place where they're going.

I imagined it as being a run down Russian suberb.

By the way, it's pronounced 'Le vov'

  PurplePenny 20:11 25 Jun 2004

Ben is right about the nav buttons. They look even worse in Moz - they overlap vertically rather than just cutting off descenders (as well as not having the same lenghth backgrounds).

They work OK in Opera 7.5.

How have you created the butttons? Are they made through style instructions? If so you could try specifying the height and width in either pixels, if you've used a fixed font-size, or ems if you've used a relative font-size.


PS Whilst you are here Wiz - didn't you use an interactive map on your Greek hoilday site? If so please would you take a look at this thread:

click here

  wiz33 07:33 26 Jun 2004

First of all thank you very much for all your comments sofar.

I had another look of the banner picture and asked several people around with different screens. Everybody said the quality is good. I wonder what size screen you use. Mine is 17 inc and looks fine. I wil try again though.....

Ben Avery:
This menu is styles and was given to me but Monkey puzle, here, for my previous site. Nobody has made any comments before, when they reviewed my other site and I have not changed anything, apart of the names and colours. On the other hand I was under the impression, that the majority of people use the IE, where there is no problem.

Thanks for your kind comments.
Lviv is pronounced the same as you would read it in English. Le Vov is the Polish and Russian pronounciation, which the Nationalistict Western ukrainians to avoid stern looks to my clients I stick to their pronounciation!

Lviv is a place full of architecture and the number of client who will go there are mostly art lovers. I know 50 pictures is a lot but is there for making the clients to want to go!!!!! Very difficult to choose a small number, and those 50 were out of 370 that I took last may!

I don't go to details about the fresh food because their recepies are not dissimilar to the food we can eat in restaurants in the UK and we have here any type we want to eat BUT the difference is that their food is relly FRESH. You notice the taste, which is great without perservatives.......So I will take onboard your advise and as I like cooking I will add later a few comments. THANK YOU

Yes it is a rundown place but has that special magic which captivates everybody. The centre of the town is well kept and been renovated constantly but the suburbs need a lot of money to come up to our standards.

Penny I am using styles, which monkey puzle gave me for the other site. I wil have a look to see if I can follow your is the line in css:

A.mainnav {
BORDER-RIGHT: #ffffff thin solid; BORDER-TOP: #ffffff thin; FONT-SIZE: 11px; line-height:105%;PADDING-BOTTOM: 0.20em; BORDER-LEFT: #ffffff thin solid; PADDING-LEFT: 1.00em; WIDTH: 100%; PADDING-TOP: 0.05em; BORDER-BOTTOM: #ffffff thin solid; FONT-STYLE: normal; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana, "Bookman Old Style","Copper Plate Gothic Bold", "Copper Plate Gothic Light", "Times New Roman", Helvetica, Arial, Garamond, serif; TEXT-ALIGN: left; TEXT-DECORATION: none

I had a look and yes I used the interactive map on my Greek site, which I created on swish.
I use also on this site a variation of it.
I see if I can help him.

Thanks all of you again for your comments and keep them coming.


  Forum Editor 11:21 26 Jun 2004

who made the comments about pronunciation and food etc., not Taran, but you're forgiven.

I'm surprised to learn that the clients who will go there are mostly art lovers - I imagined that many people would choose to go out of simple curiosity. You're the expert however, and if you say the images will make the clients want to go, fair enough. Likewise with the food - I'm again surprised to hear that the Ukrainian food is similar to food in English restaurants.

It might be worth linking visitors directly to the Ukraine Ministry of Foreign affairs information page, which is a mine of information about the country.
click here

  wiz33 14:46 26 Jun 2004

Is not that I am the expert but I think not everybody, who goes on a sun, sand and sea holiday would like to go and visit Lviv on a city break. I think it would appeal more to art lovers and older people.

What I said about food is that is not tha dissimalr to what we can eat here on the restaurants, there are a few variations but what I was surprised was the freshness of it.

Thanks for the advise to link to their site. Already have links to their consulate, which is important.


PS sorry about the mistake

  PurplePenny 00:44 27 Jun 2004

That is odd - I'm sure that I looked at the other site in Moz and the menu looked OK. Try changing the line-height and width from percentages to pixels or ems. It might work.

Post the URL of your other site again and I'll see whether I can spot what is causing the difference.


  PurplePenny 21:28 27 Jun 2004

Even odder .... I though that I recognised that code from another member's site that I looked at recently. I checked and sure enought it is more-or-less the same code.

I'm sure that when I looked at that member's site a few weeks ago it worked in Moz ... it doesn't now! I haven't updated Moz zo I don't know w aht has changed. I must not have looked at either your other site or the other member's site in Moz which is strange because I usually do.

Anyway ... I tried the line-height in ems and that worked - you will need to try a couple of sizes to see which you like best (1.6em seemed about right to stop Moz from overlapping).

Sadly I couldn't find any way of making the width consistent in Moz. :-(


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