Please remind me I have forgotten!

  rickf 14:16 11 Apr 2003

I am building a new comp this w/end and I have forgotten the sequence for a clean install of windows xp. Is this correct?
1)Boot comp with start up disc(win98)
2)Format h/d
4)Load XP disc asnd install

Replies much appreciated and thanks in advance.

  Djohn 14:20 11 Apr 2003

Yes, if XP is an upgrade disk, if it's a complete disk on it's own, miss out the 98 disk, and start with XP. J.

  MartinT-B 14:21 11 Apr 2003


Set Bios to boot from CD
Put install disk in PC
XP will ask if you want to format and partition HDD
Yes to Format (obviously :)) I suggest you choose NTFS
Partition is your choice.
Will perform above tasks, then install itself.

Took me 27 minutes with an new 80GB HDD partitioned into 3

  MartinT-B 14:23 11 Apr 2003

Layout problems!

BIOS to boot from CD

Install Disk into PC

Xp will ask if you want to Format and partition

You Choose - suggest NTFS

Will format and partition, then install.

  Djohn 14:24 11 Apr 2003

Although you received a "Yes and a No" to your question, both answers are correct, but from a different angle. :o)

  rickf 14:26 11 Apr 2003

Thanks guys. I just plain forgot. I seem to remember the last time I installed it in another comp I didn't have to set bios to boot from CD. Please confirm if this is correct or can I just follow Djohn's suggestion Martin T?

  Djohn 14:30 11 Apr 2003

MartinT-B is correct, boot from disk as he advises, my answer was meant to be the same, meaning, if you have the full version of XP, then boot from that, using MartinT-B's instructions.

Good luck. J.

  rickf 14:32 11 Apr 2003

Thanks. That answers it.

  MartinT-B 14:38 11 Apr 2003

Sorry for any confusion,

I assumed 'clean install of windows' meant you had a full installtion disk, and was typing my original reply at the same time as Djohn.

  rickf 14:44 11 Apr 2003

Yes, I do have a full installation disc and installing to virgin h/d Martin. Assumption correct. Thanks again.

  Djohn 14:50 11 Apr 2003

Hope you don't mind me adding further information that may be of help to others.

The above procedure will also apply to an up-grade disk, IE: you can format your drive and do a clean install straight from the new disk, the only difference will be, shortly after the install starts, you will be asked to insert the qualifying O/S CD to be checked.

You will then be asked to remove this disk and insert your new one again, and the install will continue. J.

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